Enzymes are regulated worldwide, and are approved as safe biological ingredients in the manufacturing of numerous products such as detergents, textiles and food. As with other proteins such as pollen or flour, enzymes may cause allergic reactions for people working with them in industrial processes, if not handled correctly. 

There are ways of preventing allergies in the workplace, and a large body of published research as well as data from production facilities at leading companies around the world confirm that the risks for workers are minimized with the right processes. Industries that use enzymes have guidelines in place to ensure that workers take the necessary measures to protect themselves. 

In order to minimize enzyme exposure, Novozymes has designed enzyme products that give off minimal dust. These products are sold as different granulate formulations or as liquid formulations. 

The allergy risk is only related to people working with enzymes in industrial processes and not to consumers. 

Novozymes' customers can download guidelines on safe handling of enzymes from Novozymes Market.