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efficiency in ethanol, corn oil, fiber or protein value

Every plant is different, with different performance, operational, chemical reducing, and cost needs. With our broad portfolio of flexible liquefaction solutions, you can reach your business’s specific output goals. Our products set the standard for efficiency in liquefaction. They go beyond traditional approaches in their focus on improved grain conversion. The result for your plant is maximum ethanol, corn oil, fiber, or protein value outputs.

Bioenergy field agriculture

Access untapped corn oil with Fortiva® Hemi

The Fortiva® Hemi suite delivers the highest ethanol and corn oil yields in the industry. These products do more across the broadest range of process conditions.  Their novel enzymes in break down previously untapped grain substrate. That allows your plant to boost yields and revenues.

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Solubilize more starch with Fortiva® Revo

Products in the Fortiva®Revo family are developed for high yields and flexibility. With Fortiva® Revo, you no longer have to choose between enzyme performance and temperature efficiency. The result is exceptional opportunities to improve ethanol yields, process flexibility and operational efficiency. Fortiva® Revo products solubilize more difficult starch, regardless of conditions.

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Bioenergy Output control

Liquozyme® - the economical choice for reliable performance

Liquozyme® changed how the ethanol production industry looked at liquefaction. It was the first product to increase performance efficiency and reduce chemical inputs. The Liquozyme® family of products is the economical choice for reliable performance.

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Bioenergy liquefaction

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