Product safety

Novozymes’ extensive experience of producing enzymes has given us a high level of expertise in handling them, as well as microorganisms. We feel very strongly about our responsibility to share this Product Safety expertise with our customers.

product safety

Our production is hygienic

Novozymes has cross functional Food Safety Teams (FSTs) to ensure the production of our biological solutions for the food and feed industry are hygienic. The FSTs cover:

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Principles (HACCP)
Based on a risk analysis, Novozymes has defined the critical control points in the manufacture of food-grade enzymes and established how these points are controlled by a HACCP plan with processes and procedures. The plan is evaluated at least yearly.

Pre-requisite program (PRP)
PRP or Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are described in a comprehensive set of procedures that serves to ensure the safety of the food-grade enzymes. It supports the HACCP Plan and specifies requirements to quality, food safety, as well as legal requirements.

The prerequisite program is comprehensive

The pre-requisite program is very comprehensive for biological solutions for the food and feed industries. It covers among others:

  • Personal hygiene procedures include hand washing, use of clean working clothes (which are provided by Novozymes along with footwear), hair restraints, jewelry, disease control and the prohibition of eating and smoking in production areas.
  • Cleaning of equipment is carried out according to master cleaning schedules. Equipment is cleaned either by cleaning in place (CIP) or according to procedures. Effectiveness of cleaning is checked by visual inspection and regular flush water tests.
  • Training is mandatory for personnel in the production areas on production hygiene and quality. The training is refreshed yearly.
  • Other topics are pest control, control of foreign matter, infrastructure, etc.

Our products are traceable

Novozymes maintains traceability from supplier to customer and throughout all production operations. Our IT solutions ensures fast, precise, and efficient traceability throughout the supply chain on a worldwide basis. We test traceability and ability to recall products regularly.


Suppliers and raw materials are under control

Novozymes suppliers are assessed and approved according to global procedures. The assessment includes evaluation of quality, environment and social responsibility.

Supplier audits can be performed either as part of approval and periodic assessment or to follow up on specific issues.

Safe development and application of products

Before promoting any products or application, they are assessed to ensure that they satisfy applicable safety regulations. 
Toxicology studies are in accordance with our position on animal testing, and the results are used for product registration.

If you are a customer, you can download Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and brochures on safe handling of our products in the Novozymes Market.