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Increase the yield and quality of yeast extracts

Through enzymatic hydrolysis, you can achieve higher yield, better process control and more consistent product quality. 

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High-quality extracts

Traditional yeast extract production uses enzymes that exist naturally within the yeast and which are released upon cell rupture. But helping the process with an optimal combination of exogenous enzymes offers many advantages.

Hydrolyzed yeast extract

Yeast extracts are used as flavoring agents in a number of applications such as soups, gravies, snack foods, and meat products. They are also used as a nutrient source in culture media for pharmaceutical and other applications.

These applications are primarily due to the rich content of various amino acids, nucleotides, peptides, vitamins, and flavor compounds found in yeast extracts.


Benefits by enzymes

If you're still producing yeast extracts the traditional way, you're missing out on some valuable opportunities. In the traditional extraction process, it is difficult to control the hydrolysis and customize desired flavor. Additionally, the process is slow and the yield is small.

With Novozymes' microbial enzymes, you can boost your business and unlock new growth opportunities. Not only does the enzymatic solution give you the benefit of creating high-value yeast extracts, but it also establishes effective hydrolysis with the right enzyme combination to increase yield and ensure an optimal process. 

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Optimal control, better yields and quality

Due to the highly specific action of enzymes, the enzymatic process ensures optimal control over the characteristics of the final yeast product. Enzymes work highly efficiently and specifically. Compared to traditional methods, enzymatic processing can increase yields and improve quality. The final product has better flavor, a higher content of dry matter and free amino nitrogen.

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Explore the benefits

Produce high-value protein-rich yeast extracts with microbial enzymes. Enzymes are natural and environmentally friendly processing aids that provide predictable processing and higher yield, and produce the best quality products. Yeast extracts can be used as protein fortifiers, natural flavors and flavor enhancers across a wide range of food & beverage products.

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Reduced production time and costs

The right enzyme combination speeds up production time, reducing costs and increasing production capacity. By offering a portfolio of the industry’s most advanced proteases and experienced technical service, Novozymes can help match our enzymes to your substrate source, process environment, intended market and profitability.


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