Enzymes for interesterification

Healthier oils and fats

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Meet the demand for trans fat-free products

Trans fats are linked with heart disease, so the demand for margarines and other products with healthier, heart-friendly trans fat-free oils and fats is growing. You can meet this demand with our safe, environmentally-friendly enzymatic interesterification (EIE) solution. The partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) used in many processed foods are a major source of trans fatsThrough enzymatic interesterification, you get the right shelf life, flavor and melting characteristicsYou also get oils with a far better color profile than with chemical processes. All while eliminating trans fats from your products.

A similar melting profile to chemical interesterification

SFC curves for 60% palm stearin and 40% coconut oil blend.

A similar melting profile to chemical interesterification graph

A far better color profile than with chemical interesterification

The flasks above show the clear difference in oil color when using enzymatic and chemical catalysis. The colors shown are after reaction and before purification.

Enzymatic interesterification color profile

EIE - a simpler process with higher yields

The chemicals used in chemical interesterification (CIE) are strong corrosive bases. They need careful handling to ensure worker safety. EIE is more cost-effective process with fewer steps that delivers higher yields. It also avoids harsh chemicals while reducing waste and by-products, making it more sustainable.

Cut the trans fats with enzymes

Trans fats are associated with heart disease, which leads to millions of deaths every year. All over the world, regulatory authorities are putting measures in place to reduce and even eliminate trans fats.

With enzymes, you can produce better-quality, heart-healthy, trans fat-free vegetable oils.

Our solution for interesterified fats

Get higher yields of better quality interesterified oils and fats with Lipozyme® TL IM. Enzymatic interesterification with Lipozyme® TL IM offers various advantages over chemical interesterification.

It allows you to produce high-quality, trans fat-free oils and fats. These are suitable for trans fat-free margarine and other products. All without using harsh chemicals or generating unwanted by-products.  

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