Enzymes for marine oil processing

Marine oil refining and up-concentration of EPA and DHAs

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Fish oils are a key source of Omega-3, a type of oil with a range of health benefits. Enzymatic processing allows manufacturers to produce high-quality, high-concentration Omega-3 glyceride supplements. Studies show that Omega-3 supplements in triglyceride form are safer, more stable, and better utilized by the body*.

Our enzyme solutions allow marine oil processing at milder conditions compared to chemical processes, thereby reducing the byproducts levels and preserving the natural color and micronutrients.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration 

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Fish oil processors face a new reality today.

Never before has the industry seen a greater push toward cleaner processes, improved quality, and regulatory compliance. Building on our years of experience and expertise as a global biotech leader, we help you optimize your marine oils processing to always meet specifications and market needs. We deliver market insights, operational support, and technical knowledge, all aimed at helping you differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market.

With ​our process technology solutions and diverse product portfolio, we support your growth ambitions to diversify and seize new opportunities. Novozymes offers a range of enzymes for marine oil refining, ethylation, up –concentration, and other applications.

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