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Work for a cause, not just a company

Do you know, every year our products help cut global CO2 emissions by around 90 million tons!

We invite you to join us in finding biological solutions to the world’s problems.

Novozymes’ global
graduate program

Our global graduate program is designed to accelerate your personal and professional development. We provide an international framework in which you will play an active role in co-creating your own tailor-made learning journey.

Through your daily work, you will gain a deep understanding of your business areas and different company operations while growing a strong professional network across the organization. Novozymes’ global graduate program is a two-year journey.

The program includes several job rotations with at least one being international.

Indian graduate in lab

Novozymes’ diversity and equal opportunities policy

Novozymes is committed to developing a diverse workforce. Ensuring equal rights and promoting diversity furthers an international mindset, helps attract and retain talent, fosters innovation, and encourages Novozymes’ willingness and ability to adapt.

Novozymes wants to make a positive impact on our growing world. To reach this ambition, we want to develop the full potential of our employees – not only of each individual, but also as a diverse group, sharing the same purpose and values.

Throughout the company, we need to deliver innovation of the highest level to grow and stay ahead. As innovation is about new ways of combining ideas, this is most likely to happen in a workplace with highly qualified people from different generations, with different backgrounds, cultures, genders and competences. Therefore, diversity constitutes a potential competitive advantage to Novozymes.

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Life at Novozymes India campuses is more than just a place to work; it's also a place where we form significant relationships, have amazing experiences, and participate in a wide range of activities. NZIN office campus culture creates an environment in which Zymers can participate in dynamic co-curricular events, join various groups to discover and develop their interests, and connect with their peers outside of work.

POZ - Play on zymers

Play on Zymers

Play on Zymers (POZ) is our flagship sports event where the mission is to create a camaraderie among zymers.  Held annually, this event sees all the Zymers from our India campuses come together to represent their teams in month long event which includes both indoor and outdoor sports.

novozymes india zymers gardening club

Gardening Club

Gardening Club has been formed by enthusiastic Zymers with a vision to promote 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), adoption of home gardening and composting. The Gardening club provides platform for Zymers to enhance collaboration, provide mindspace, learn new skill sets and increase green cover in the campus.

novozymes india zymers inspire club


INSPIRE Club, a voluntary extension of our CSR work envisions to bring together Zymers for contributing towards community welfare initiatives. Major areas the committee works are : Education, environment, sustainability, health, water, sanitization and Rural Development.

Zym(H)ers Club unleashing the potential of women Zymers

Zym(H)ers Club

Zym(H)er’s club aims at unleashing the potential of women Zymers by promoting self-awareness and supporting professional as well as personal development through learning and mentorship. The club’s objective is to be the catalyst in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workspace at Novozymes India.

Novozymes India ZEDx Speakers


ZEDx is aimed at cultivating a growth mindset among Zymers by deliberating on real-world challenges in their careers. This program helps Zymers accelerate their careers through mutual learning for navigating some of the pressing modern day work concerns.

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About us

Novozymes started operations in India in 1983 and is the largest supplier of industrial enzymes and microorganisms in the region today.

Corporate social responsibility

We at Novozymes strongly believe in being a responsible community stakeholder.

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India is a significant market for Novozymes, contributing to over 30 industries.