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Harnessing the power of microbes to drive yield gains

Canadian producers have made biological inoculants a mainstay of their agronomic practices. Whether you’re growing pulses, soybeans, canola, wheat, or other small grains, our industry-leading microbial inoculants can help.

These technologies use natural processes to help improve yields and deliver more profit from every acre.


Novozymes’ diverse portfolio of proven, industry-leading, microbial inoculants features a range of technologies and formulations to meet your crops' nutritional needs.

Our technologies range from single-action rhizobia inoculants to complex multi-organism, multi-action products. They're delivered in a range of formulations including peat, liquid, wettable powder, planter box, and granular.

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Novozymes inoculant solutions

Our biosolutions maximize nitrogen fixation to ensure excellent crop nutrition. Some products also enhance the availability of other key nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. They support early season vigor, encouraging vigorous root growth and shoot development and improving stress tolerance. The quality, consistency, and availability of Novozymes biosolutions guarantee excellent crop nutrition.

NexusBioAg, a division of Univar Solutions, is the distributor of Novozymes inoculants in Canada.

For inoculant product information, visit Inoculants | NexusBioAg.

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Novozymes biocontrol solutions protect your crops against the diseases that can damage your business. They consist of microbes, notably bacteria and fungi, that target pathogens to protect your high-value crops.

Pathogens can become resistant to chemicals over time, whereas microbial solutions are less prone to developed resistance. Our solutions help protect high value crops, like berries and greenhouse vegetables.


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