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Around the world, farmers face the dilemma of how to increase the productivity and sustainability of their farms. At Novozymes BioAg, we work to bring organic solutions to producers to improve production and increase their yields.

Our science is rooted in innovation. We dedicate a significant portion of our total revenue to research and development to deliver biological innovation in 140 countries.

Present in Brazil since 1970 providing inoculants for the cultivation of soy. 

World leader in biological solutions

Novozymes BioAg is number one in inoculants and biological solutions in the world.

Our scientists and technicians work closely with farmers and companies around the world to deliver impactful innovations where they are needed most. Our portfolio is successfully applied to more than 50 million hectares worldwide.


Key crops in Brazil


As a corn producer, getting the most out of your land and your crop is crucial. Every year conditions change and each grower has a unique set of challenges.  

Novozymes biosolutions help maximize your corn yields through biological nitrogen fixation, mycorrhizal associations, increased photosynthetic capacity, and by releasing bound nutrients. 

Corn in corn field

Our solution for corn - AzoMax®

Benefícios principais:

  • Aumenta a disponibilidade de N, P e K e a utilização de nutrientes essenciais pela planta.

  • Aumenta o potencial de redimento

  • Aumenta a disponibilidade de nutrientes para promover o crescimento vigoroso da raiz e da planta.

  • Promove o vigor inicial

  • Melhora a resposta ao estresse

  • Aumenta a associação com micorrizas
Novozymes BioAg product AzoMax


Brazil is the world’s leader in the use of inoculants and bioproducts for soybean cultivation.  

As a soybean producer, getting the most out of your land and your crop is crucial. Conditions change every year, and each grower has a unique set of challenges.

Novozymes biosolutions help improve nitrogen fixation and maximize your soybean yields.


Biocontrol for robust protection against soil and foliar disease

Our biocontrol product provides robust protection against insects. The solution consist of a fungi, Beauveria bassiana, that targets a praga Hypothenemus hampei na cultura de café (broca do café), Diaphorina citri em citrus (Psilideo), and Hedypathes betulinus na erva-mate (broca da erva mate).

Coffee on tree

A natural, dependable solution 

Chemicals have long been the chosen method for insect control. However, there is the risk of developed resistance and, and they can be unsafe for pollinators and other beneficial insects. 

Novozymes biocontrol solutions provide you with a natural alternative, suitable for integrated pest management (IPM) systems to suppress/control insects. 

A drive toward integrated pest management 

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach that combines scientific study of pest and pathogen lifecycles and how they interact with the environment. 

IPM combines a variety of solutions that work together to provide effective disease and pest control with the least possible harm to people, property, and the environment.

Erva mate

Common biocontrol challenges

Devising an alternative to chemicals means not only finding new ways to fight diseases, but also ways to overcome the shortfalls of the chemicals themselves. 

Some of the more common challenges include: 

· Developed resistance. Many pests and diseases develop resistances to chemical controls. 

· Harm to pollinators. Pollinators and other beneficial insects are often adversely affected by chemicals. 

· Changing regulations and attitudes. Consumer and regulatory pressures are affecting chemical use and pushing for alternatives.


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