Bake wholewheat bread a whole lot better

Wholegrain bread have taken off in many markets around the world. The questions is, what does it take for consumers to choose one bread over the other?
With Novozymes Valena® Wholewheat G you can bake deliciously healthy

wholewheat breads that are softer, moister, and stay fresh for longer. Giving baked goods producers compelling claims and the benefits
consumers are looking for.

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91% consider health when buying bread

When consumers shop for food, they’re first and foremost looking for something to satisfy their taste buds. But they’re also increasingly looking for healthier foods that not only taste good but contribute to their overall wellbeing. 

In fact, our 2021-study by Lindberg International for Novozymes found that 91% of consumers think about the healthiness of the bread they buy.

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Texture claims in wholegrain bread on the rise

According to Mintel, wholegrain breads are increasingly being launched with texture claims. In fact, 23% of global wholegrain bread launches in 2021 included a texture claim, the main claim being “soft”.

But is softness one of the sensory parameters consumers are looking for?

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84% pay attention to nutritional value

Consumers are generally spending more time examining the nutritional facts and the ingredients list when they’re buying food – the same goes for bread. Our study has found that 84% pay attention to what goes in the wholegrain bread and how it benefits their health.

So what are they paying more attention to?

Get the answer and more in our consumer insights report on wholegrain bread.

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More appealing wholewheat bread with Valena® Wholewheat G

47% of consumers will pay more for a wholegrain bread that stays fresh for longer. With Valena® Wholewheat G, not only do you get a wholewheat bread that does exactly that. You also get higher volume, more moistness and better dough handling across a variety of wheat flours.

If you're looking to bake your wholewheat bread without emulsifiers, you can choose Valena® Wholewheat EE G. Valena® Wholewheat EE G comes with all the same benefits, but at the same time eliminates your need for emulsifiers. This makes your process more cost-efficient and less dependent on hard-to-come-by ingredients.

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Which wholewheat bread would you choose?

Our consumer studies show that people want more wholegrain – but they’re not willing to compromise on the quality of a delicious fresh-feeling bread.

We’ve tested Novozymes Valena® Wholewheat G and Valena® Wholewheat EE G across different wholewheat flour types and found that both volume, crumb and freshness are significantly improved with this enzymatic solution.

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Why wholewheat is good (for you)

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Proactive health

Wholewheat flour is full of minerals and vitamins that contribute to getting the daily nutrients consumers need.

More sustainable

More sustainable

Using the entire grain including bran is not only nutritious, it’s also more sustainable and reduces food waste.

Naturally healthy

Naturally healthy

Wholewheat contains both insoluble and soluble fiber which are both essential to good health.

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Valena® Pulse

Consumers want healthy, protein- and fiber-rich breads. But they also demand breads that look appealing and deliver a great eating experience. Are you ready to overcome the texture and appearance challenges associated with pulses to unlock the appeal of pulse breads?

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Valena® Fiber

Most people are not getting enough fiber – this deficiency is known as The Fiber Gap. Bread is a great way to get more fiber, but fiber also tends to make bread denser and drier. How can you bake an appealing, soft, high-fiber bread that stays fresh for longer and reduce your need for emulsifiers at the same time?

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