Bridge the gap with
appealing high-fiber bread

Consumers are focusing more on healthy eating habits, but they’re still not getting enough fiber on average. This is what’s popularly known as The Fiber Gap.

How can you bridge the gap with a higher content of fiber without compromising on quality?​

Valena® Fiber EE G is a multi-enzyme solution for baking high-fiber bread with ample volume, a moister crumb and the ability to stay soft and fresh for longer.

Consumers will pay more for a high-fiber bread with natural ingredients

Consumers want healthier bread with high nutritional content. And when evaluating whether a bread is healthy or not, roughly 38% look to the ingredient list and/or the nutritional content on the packaging.

But according to our studies, 85% of consumers are concerned about the use of preservatives and additives which are not perceived as natural in bread. In fact, they are willing to pay more for a high-fiber bread that’s made with natural ingredients.

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Bake high appeal into your high-fiber bread​

Our study into the consumer world of bread shows that 24%  of consumers evaluate a bread’s healthiness based on the fiber content. It’s even more important than desired benefits like minerals, vitamins and protein, and undesired components like fat and sugar.

With Valena® Fiber EE G you can increase your fiber content and improve your Nutri-Score or grams of fiber per serving. You can even achieve a high-fiber claim, no matter where you are!

Using Valena® Fiber EE G also means you can reduce or eliminate your use of emulsifiers altogether. The solution works on various types of fiber, giving you the flexibility to choose the fiber that’s convenient for you.

In the end, you still get a fiber-rich bread that looks appealing, tastes and feels delicious, and stays fresh for longer.

mother and baby baking bread

Which bread would you choose?

The sensory experience is crucial when it comes to high-sensory foods like bread. So even though health is a key purchasing criteria, consumers are not willing to compromise on sensory quality.

We’ve tested  Valena® Fiber EE G and found that with this enzymatic solution, high-fiber bread can achieve higher volume, more moistness and stay fresh and appealing for longer.​

The results speak for themselves.​

Bread comparison with and without valena fiber

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