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Use the power of biotechnology to boost your grind output and stay one step ahead of the competition

Growing competition for corn wet mills

Protein demand is up worldwide. And, with mills based on wheat, tapioca, and other high-protein grains making inroads in the marketplace, competition has never been more intense for corn wet mills.

The introduction of first-generation Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash provided a key supplement to the mechanical separation process, boosting yields by increasing starch yield and removing more moisture from co-products. This both increased your capacity and stability and reduced CO2 emissions.

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And your challenges don’t end there

As competition intensifies additional pressures—like increased energy and transportation costs—put even more strain on your margins and make it increasingly difficult to compete.

Add to that growing pressures to reduce environmental impact, and you’ve reached a point where every degree of separation counts when it comes to doing more with less resources and maximizing yield.


“Good” separation isn’t good enough

Even when using Frontia® Fiberwash to improve dewatering, separation of solids is far from complete. And any protein components remaining in the corn fiber after milling is money left on the table.

Improving competitiveness means selling less protein as part of low-value corn gluten feed (CGF) and more of it as high-value corn gluten meal (CGM) and doing so while also improving the overall efficiency of your operation.

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Sharpen your competitive edge with state-of-the-art separation efficiency

Introducing Frontia® Prime

Frontia® Prime’s second-generation enzyme-powered separation technology unlocks hidden value by maximizing extraction of bound starch and protein from corn fiber. This supercharged separation efficiency delivers improved CGM and starch contribution margins.  

At the same time, by reducing moisture in co-products to an absolute minimum, you take the load off feed house operations, freeing capacity. And, because you’re producing more CGM and starch with less corn, energy, and equipment, you’re also reducing your environmental footprint and cutting CO2 emissions.

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Enzymatic separation powered by Frontia® Prime

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