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Reach your production targets faster and reduce CO2 emissions with the power of biotechnology

Stable operations = higher margins

Corn wet millers know all too well that, to meet tight production schedules, they must run their plant at full capacity for several weeks at a time.

Unfortunately, this reduces the number of days available for scheduled maintenance, increasing the risk of breakdowns. Eventually, efficiency which means it takes even longer to reach production targets


Rising challenges for aging mills

The mill feed house is a frequent production bottleneck, and. unblocking it requires a highly efficient separation process.

However, analyses show that even the most efficient mills leave starch protein, and water in the low-value fiber. That prevents them from running at full speed.


The risks of “business as usual”

Even when using Frontia® Fiberwash to improve dewatering, separation of solids is far from complete. This both negatively affects your yield and puts further strain on your aging mill.

Feed house bottlenecks reduce grinding rate and, with less time for maintenance, your chances of mechanical failure—and the resulting lost time and expense—puts your ability to maintain a sustainable operation on the line.

the risks

Better solids separation is the key to breaking the cycle

Take separation to the next level with Frontia® Prime

Frontia® Prime’s second-generation enzyme-powered separation technology unlocks hidden value by maximizing extraction of bound starch and protein from corn fiber and reducing moisture in co-products to an absolute minimum. This takes the load off feed house operations and unblocks bottlenecks. 

By restoring a high grind rate, aging mills can produce the highest possible yields of starch and corn gluten meal (CGM) per bushel of corn. This frees up more time for preventive maintenance–or lets you use the time saved to produce even more.  

And, because you can reach your production goals with less corn and equipment, you also reduce your environmental footprint by saving energy and cutting CO2 emissions. 


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