Cut production costs and save up to 9 €/ton on fibers in your paper mill

Novozymes FiberCare® gives your fiber greater bonding and strengthening potential. That allows significant savings on energy, fibers and chemicals. Learn how our technical specialists can help you identify the savings you need to achieve your business and sustainability targets.

How is your mill keeping a competitive edge?

From supply chain issues to price increases, papermakers today face a number of challenges:

  • An unprecedented increase in energy prices 
  • Volatile fiber prices  
  • Supply chain issues challenging steady flow of feedstock 

These market dynamics are putting pressure on your mill’s margins. But what if you could cut costs and improve productivity – all while improving sustainability

Download the Benefit Overview below to see how Novozymes Fiber Care® can help tackling these challenges.

Cut cost by replacing your mill’s most expensive fibers

FiberCare® is a biological solution that lets you cut the cost of high-priced fibers through fiber substitution. Combined with our expertise in enzyme technology, the result is a more cost-effective production process, proofed for today's challenges as well as for the future.

FiberCare® also allows you to save in material costs in other ways – for example, through increasing the total filler content of your paper or reducing basis weight with the same final strength properties.

Biological solutions for paper mills

More filler, less fiber

Fiber savings can also be achieved by replacing fibers with filler, as illustrated in this example.

  • Paper production with 20% filler
  • A substiution target of 1% fiber with filler 
  • Assumed fiber and filler price delta 600 €/ton 
  • Total value created: 6 €/ton in production savings.
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With light-weighting, you reduce the overall fiber in your final products, while maintaining end-product specifications, as illustrated here.

  • 80 gsm paper with 20% filler 
  • A target of basis-weight reduction of 1 gsm 
  • Assumed furnish price 750  €/ton
  • Total value created: 9 €/ton in production savings. 
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Fiber substitution

By substituting expensive fibers with more affordable ones without compromising quality, as illustrated here.

  • Furnish of 20/80 bleached softwood pulp / bleached hardwood pulp with 20% filler
  • A substitution target of 5% hardwood fiber
  • Assumed pulp price delta: 100 €/ton
  • Total value created: 4 €/ton in production savings.

Interested in knowing more?

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FiberCare® delivers significant savings in refining energy

Enhancing fiber’s response to refining reduces the energy needed to meet strength specifications in production output.

Contact us and get started on reducing increasing energy costs.

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Increase profitability by replacing costly fibers with less expensive ones

See how FiberCare® led to significant strength gains and energy savings in a Northern European paper mill.

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Support your sustainability targets with less chemicals and reduced CO2 emissions

Reduces the need for or even replace common chemistries. These include starch, dewatering aids, strength resins and debonders.

Improves your paper mills CO2 footprint by reducing refining energy.

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How FiberCare® improves fiber properties

Novozymes FiberCare® can upgrade your fibers and make a wide range of products in a sustainable way.

The key ingredient in FiberCare® is a unique cellulase enzyme that modifies the fiber surface in a controlled way that increases fiber-to-fiber bonding to improve mechanical refining and the strengthening potential of the pulp.

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