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Future-proof your biodiesel plant with guaranteed performance and feedstock flexibility

Learn how you can make the switch to waste-based biodiesel quickly and always operate at peak performance.

The biodiesel industry is changing...and technology can fuel the transition

Biodiesel producers recognize feedstock flexibility as a key challenge in transitioning away from used cooking oil and vegetable oils. In fact, a recent survey* found that increasing flexibility will likely be the dominant industry trend over the next decade.

However, with no consensus on the choice of new feedstocks, producers foresee technical barriers to diversifying their feedstock base. Incorporating waste-based and advanced feedstocks and dealing with variable quality are critical to remaining competitive. Many producers, however, simply don’t have this capability.

But what if you could make feedstock decisions based on cost and availability instead of being constrained by your own processing capabilities–and put your plant on the path to waste-based biodiesel with a performance guarantee?

*Novozymes survey of more than 15 European FAME producers


Introducing FlexFit® technology

Whether you want to increase yields as a side stream or convert your entire process to the efficient production of waste-based biodiesel, FlexFit® technology gives you the flexibility the future requires.

FlexFit®enables first-generation biodiesel producers to significantly increase their profits by converting waste-based and advanced feedstocks, such as used cooking oil and animal fats, into fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) biodiesel and processes the full range of free fatty acids and glycerides. And, because it operates at atmospheric pressure and low temperature, FlexFit® helps reduce your construction and operating costs.

With guaranteed performance, you’ll know what end-product quality and plant throughput to expect – all while experiencing improved plant performance and gaining the flexibility to purchase the cheapest feedstocks.

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Guaranteed performance with FlexFit® technology

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Proven technology backed by engineering warranties on and performance guarantees.


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Improved plant performance with the flexibility to process waste-based feedstocks or produce higher yield by upgrading waste-streams.


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A holistic approach that integrates process technology, enzyme biocatalysts, and all-inclusive services into a single solution.


How FlexFit® gives your plant the feedstock flexibility that the future requires

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eBook: The Path to Feedstock Flexibility

Thirty biodiesel plants worldwide currently use enzyme catalysts as a profitable way to process waste feedstocks. In our free white paper, we take you through the six steps to help you evaluate whether enzymes are the right solution for your plant:

  1. Understand the concept
  2. Get to know Novozymes
  3. Validate the business case
  4. Technical proof of concept
  5. Plan the engineering
  6. Make the investment

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Main stream or side stream?

Whether you want to convert existing waste to biodiesel with a bolt-on solution or you’d like to retrofit your existing facility to process waste-based feedstocks, FlexFit® provides a clear path to support your goals.

FlexFit® Main stream:

Retro-fitting an existing chemical biodiesel plant for full feedstock flexibility

FlexFit® Side stream:

The quick and easy way to increase yield in chemical biodiesel plants

Inside FlexFit® technology

A biocatalyst designed for lower quality feedstocks

As a result of intensive R&D, Novozymes has designed an enzyme biocatalyst for waste-based feedstocks. FlexFit® specifically engineered to mitigate the challenge of flexibility around the quality of your feedstock and its free fatty acid content.

With our design and processing expertise, we’ll help you select the optimal conditions for renewable feedstocks to help you realize most value from your plant. Book a meeting with a technical expert today to learn more.

Project execution support

Novozymes experts help you identify opportunities in your plant to maximize profitability and navigate the transition to feedstock flexibility.

We offer feasibility studies to help you assess the modifications required to turn your existing plant into an enzymatic transesterification biodiesel unit for the processing of waste and advanced feedstocks of varying quality and free fatty acid (FFA) content. Contact us to learn more.

We also provide you with a basic engineering and design package, and guide your Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) through a seamless, error-free process.

Services for continuous success

Novozymes is committed to your business success and offers support to ensure that your plant always delivers to specification with minimum downtime and maximum output.

Our supply assurance ensures that your enzyme catalyst product will always be delivered with zero interruptions.

What this could mean for your business

Enhanced feedstock flexibility will soon be what separates struggling biodiesel producers from their more successful counterparts. Without it, producers will be constrained by their processing ability and stuck using expensive feedstocks, keeping industry competitiveness out of reach.

Ready to start converting your existing unit fast, with short plant downtime, and at an attractive cost with re-use of almost all existing equipment? Learn more about our FlexFit® solutions. Book a no-obligation meeting with a Novozymes expert today.

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