Sustainable starch production for sustainable profitability

Doing good is no longer a choice for corn wet millers. Regulations are tightening and consumers’ expectations are rising. They're demanding sustainably produced ingredients. That puts your company under pressure to set and achieve measurable sustainability goals.

Doing good can compromise your ability to do well

Doing well has never been a choice. But the costs associated with sustainability gains can compromise your ability to do well. That's true even of the marginal gains generally achievable in current processes. Extra costs can make it more difficult to meet production targets. They can also put pressure on limited CAPEX budgets. That makes it harder to cover risk mitigation and continuous optimization projects. These projects are an essential part of doing well.


What if you could do good by doing well?

What if you could make significant sustainability savings across your value chain? What if you could do it by reducing your corn inputs and associated costs? What if you could use CAPEX budgets to cut energy consumption in the feed house? What if the way to make this happen was by dramatically improving the efficiency of your process? And what if you could translate the CO2 and energy saved into measurable contributions to corporate sustainability goals?


Now you can with Frontia®

Frontia® is a revolutionary technology that supercharges separation efficiency to cut your CO2 and energy use and boost your starch yields. 
Translate these benefits into quantifiable contributions to your company’s sustainability and profitability goals with the Frontia® value calculator.

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Doing good by doing well with Frontia®

Frontia® cuts your CO2-equivalents by 9kg/MT of corn. It also has the potential to shrink your waste footprint. All by generating higher starch yields, so you can meet your production targets with significantly less corn.  

Frontia® also dramatically reduces your dewatering and drying utility needs. It does this by freeing more water from co-products. That also allows you to cut down on equipment and associated maintenance and achieve more stable operations. 

Free white paper: a guide for corn wet millers

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We conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study based on the results of full-scale trials of Frontia® in an industrial corn wet mill.    

Our white paper summarizes the LCA and covers:  

  • The environmental impact of corn wet milling   
  • How enzymatic separation improves efficiency to reduce the environmental impact of corn wet milling


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Are you ready to do good by doing well?

Frontia® is a unique enzymatic corn separation technology. It delivers the highest ever starch outputs and significantly better dewatering. That means you can reduce corn inputs and associated emissions, energy intensity waste and costs. Get in touch to find out what it takes to do good by doing well with Frontia®. 

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