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Many years ago, we invented a biopolishing solution for cotton ⁠— a revolutionary process that extends the lifetime of cotton knits to improve their sustainability. Now, with Fiberlife®, we're extending that innovation to viscosemodal and lyocell, enabling these textiles to look new for longer while opening the door to new fashion looks and improved hand feels.

Novozymes extends the lifetime of textiles with sustainable innovation

Consumer and regulatory demands for more sustainable clothing and textiles are growing and the fashion industry is rising to the challenge. Now Novozymes offers biopolishing for manmade cellulosic fibers (MMCF) including viscose, modal and lyocell. This helps enhance the quality of fabrics, making them look new for longer and extending their lifetime.

Novozymes extends the lifetime of textiles with sustainable innovation

A win-win solution for industry, consumers and the environment  

Manmade cellulosic fibers (MMCF) can make textiles more sustainable ⁠— if the quality is up to par. Fiberlife® gives MMCF the wash & wear durability consumers demand.

Woman examining the label on a fashion garment carefully, considering its environmental impact

How it works

Microfibrils are microscopic hairs that protrude from the fibers of fabrics, leading to fuzz and pilling. These pesky protrusions also have a nasty habit of trapping dirt, which reduces the cleanness of garments.

Biopolishing cellulases specifically target and cut protruding microfibrils into smaller sugars, making them easier to lift away from the fabric. The result is softer, cleaner and brighter fabrics with less fuzz and improved pilling notes.

What it means for you as a...

fiberlife textile mills

Textile mill

  • Add a higher amount of viscose and other MMCF fabrics to your blends
  • Reduce the volatility of raw material prices
  • Improve sustainability due to the ability to use higher quality versions of these fabrics.
fiberlife brand fashion

Apparel brander

  • Launch new sustainable collections with garments that look and feel new for longer
  • New fashionable looks with higher quality that you can both see and feel
  • Minimize waste and product with more sustainable fibers
Fiberlife for viscose, modal and lyocell​

Fiber producer

  • Help the textile industry unlock the potential of the man-made cellulosic fiber portfolio by solving the quality issue
  • Grow the market of sustainable cellulosic fibers

With and without

See the biopolishing benefits for lyocell

cardigan with and without biopolishing

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