Solutions for a more satisfactory brewing

Novozymes’ unique brewing solutions can help you address the challenges caused by bad weather.

Improved filtration

Higher protein content is a challenge for breweries. That’s because poor breakdown of proteins causes an increase in beer haze. 
By optimizing beer production with Neutrase® 0.8 L BrewQ, you can maintain capacity and prevent gel formation.
You may also choose Ultraflo® Max solution for wort separation and fastest beer filtration.

Effective solubilization of starch

Less starch content per kernel means lower yields. 
Novozymes Termamyl® SC 4X facilitates effective solubilization of the starch in the mash tun. 

Consistent attenuation control

Because of the small grain size, gelatinization temperature needs to increase to solubilize the increase in amylopectin content. 
Novozymes Attenuzyme® Pro breaks down the alpha 1-6 linkages and enables consistent attenuation control regardless of raw material variability.

The heat is on

This year’s barley crop has been impacted by unfavorable weather conditions. North America and parts of Eastern Europe have especially suffered from extreme weather such as heat waves, heavy rains, and storms.

Droughts in North America are severely impacting malting barley production. In the US, the total barley production is expected to drop more than 30% compared to last year, while Canadian production is expected to drop by 20%.

Breweries are, therefore, naturally concerned as they expect a reduction in beer throughput and an increase in beer haze and raw material costs and qualities.


Your all-weather partner

With our technical service, knowledge and application capabilities, we will ensure you match the specifications to sustain your beer quality.

We are also ready to develop new recipes when higher adjunct is required.

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