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Your fermentation system is the heart of your ethanol production and needs to be tailored to your production process. Yeast has unique kinetics with differing types and levels of enzyme expression. Variable solids and fermentation times also have an impact on how your yeast converts starch into ethanol.

That’s why now, more than ever, you need to choose enzymes that will complement and support your unique fermentation process. With Innova® and Spirizyme® enzymes you can navigate to a brighter future – one with the greatest conversion and profit. 

Innova® enzymes - designed for your Innova® yeast

Innova® enzymes are designed with optimal dose and kinetics to match the unique characteristics of your Innova® GM yeast. That makes them an ideal pairing. And Innova® companion glucoamylases have optimal side activity levels for your performance goals.

So whether you're aiming for low residual sugars and starch, or increased corn oil or ethanol output, they can help you get there.


Get the best fermentation kinetics for your process

When your operation calls for using non-GM yeasts, Spirizyme saccharification enzymes are the ideal choice. Spirizyme® and Spirizyme® ADV enzymes are uniquely different. That means they can offer the best fermentation kinetics for your process. They support yeast health and deliver low residual sugar, high starch conversion and desired yields.  Spirizyme® and Spirizyme® ADV are designed for use with non-GM yeasts like Innova® Fit ADY.


Innova® yeasts: the ideal pairing

Innova® yeasts effectively pair with Innova® saccharification enzymes to match your operational needs and help you exceed your KPIs. That makes them the ideal pairing.

Innova Apex

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