Enzymes for citrus fruits

Improved processes and higher yields

Citrus fruits on three branches

Lower viscosity and shorter process

Our solutions enhance the processing of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines and other citrus fruits into juices. Enzymes deliver improved extraction and boost your yields. They also reduce viscosity and shorten your process.

A range of benefits in citrus juice processing

Enzymes partially degrade pectin substances without interfering with cloud stability. That allows you to efficiently clarify citrus juices, especially lemon juice. They also reduce viscosity in orange juice, pulp or core wash and comminuted juices. Viscosity reduction helps you avoid jellification of the pectin during concentration. 

Citrus fruits

Improve by-product recovery

With our enzymes, you can improve recovery of value-adding by-products such as essential oils. You can also develop highly turbid extracts from citrus fruit peels. These are the basis of the cloudy concentrates used by soft drinks manufacturers.

Citrus fruits at a market

Which product is right for you?

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