Enzymes for oleochemicals

Optimized for lower costs

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A fully integrated, cost-competitive oleochemical solution

Enzymatic ester synthesis delivers a range of benefits, but historically has been costly. With our customers, we’ve undertaken an extensive optimization process. The result is a cost-competitive, fully integrated solution. Because we’ve optimized for a range of different techniques, we have a solution that’s right for your plant. And we have a technical service team in your region, ready to help you implement it.

Higher yield and quality, lower costs

Whether you work with batch, continuous, jet loop or another system, we have optimized our solution for your process. That means Lipozyme® 435 gives you all the benefits of enzymatic esterification at a very competitive cost. These benefits include higher yields of purer esters, lower operational costs and a more sustainable process. 

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Purer oleochemical products, including MCTs

Enzymatic ester synthesis leads to fewer side reactions. Using Lipozyme® 435 gives you purer end products – including Mid Chain Triglycerides (MCT), monoglycerides, isopropyl esters and specialty esters. With less color and odor, these end products can meet the specifications of the segments you serve.


Our solution for oleochemicals

With Lipozyme® 435, you can improve the quality of your esters. You can also benefit from a more cost-effective and sustainable process.

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