Enzymes for OPO & CBE

Proven technology for product quality and economic continuous process

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Produce higher quality structured lipids

Purity and quality are essential when producing structured lipids. The specificity of Lipura® Select makes it suited to production of Oleic and Palmitic Fatty Acid Structures (OPO). It also allows it to deliver purer Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBE) than chemical routes. Enzymatically esterified structured lipids have a better taste, smell and color than chemically esterified ones.

A proven technology and implementation support

You can confidently put this proven technology in place in your process. It's suitable for production of OPO, CBE, diglycerides (DAG) Oleic-Oleic-Oleic (OOO) and a range of other structured lipids. Whatever you produce, our industry-leading technical service team are on hand to help you to get the most from Lipura® Select. They can even help you explore the new product possibilities opened up by this technology.

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Our solution for structured lipids

Lipura® Select allows you to customize your structured lipids using a position-specific enzyme. The result is premium structured fats. 

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