Enzymes for extraction

Enhance the color and aroma of your wines

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Optimize extraction in winemaking

Extraction is a key part of any winemaking process. It draws valuable aroma precusors, color and phenolic compounds including tannins out of grape skins. Our enzymes make this process faster and easier by degrading cell walls. They're suitable both for the longer extractions needed for reds, and the much shorter ones needed for whites. Our enzymes will improve both your process and the overall profile of your wines.

Enhance aroma while avoiding harsh tannings

Our enzymes enhance aroma precursor liberation in all wines. In short-maturation wines, they enhance color and tannins. They also improve must yield and overall extraction. Mechanical treatments can break down grape seeds. That releases harsh tannins that make your wines astringent and unbalanced. Our enzymes are specific in their action. They don't break down the seeds. This helps avoid the risk of over-extraction.

Wine extraction

A range of processing benefits

Our solutions for extraction help you get the most from your processing. They can reduce processing times and increase throughput with higher processing loads. They can also reduce viscosity and turbidity and increase your free-run wine release. They can even help cut your post-fermentation clarification costs. All this while helping you to produce wines with more intense color and improved aroma.

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