Discover your zen

Consumers are looking for functional foods that support their mental health. ​
With probiotic MindAble™ 1714™ you can help consumers reduce stress levels and discover their zen. ​

And with new mindfully created claims, you can differentiate your brand before anyone else (and discover your zen too).


We’re becoming more stressed​

According to Euromonitor, 89% of global consumers experience some level of stress in their lives. And among consumers who perceive themselves as suffering from stress and anxiety, 95% think it has some level of impact on their current health1. ​

As consumers are experiencing more stress and becoming aware of their mental health, there’s a clear opportunity for food producers to functionalize their foods with differentiating health claims.

Support the mind​ with chocolate & probiotics

Chocolate is pure indulgence. But did you know that consuming dark chocolate can improve memory and decrease stress2?​

Our probiotic MindAble™ 1714™ comes with a similar benefit. MindAble™ 1714™ targets the gut-brain axis, where it supports the body’s own ability to reduce the production of cortisol – also known as the stress hormone. ​

Working in synergy with chocolate’s inherent benefits, MindAble™ 1714™ lets you offer indulging chocolate products like tablets, bars, sprinkled desserts (and more), that help consumers reach a harmonic state of zen and collectedness in everyday challenging or stressful situations. 

Lead the (mind) space

Consumers are now more than ever aware of the benefits of probiotics. Today, 54-84% of consumers globally know and trust the positive effects of probiotics3. ​

MindAble™ 1714™ supports the body in achieving mental wellness, handle everyday stress, and achieve a state of zen. All novel claims that perhaps could be yours? ​

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help differentiate your brand with MindAble™ 1714™.​


Make new mind-claims and differentiate your brand ​

Unwind your mind. ​
For all your active moments​

Consumers are looking for healthful snacks that conveniently complement their healthy lifestyles. Stand out in a crowded market by offering a stack full of health benefits in your chocolate-covered energy bars, and help consumers unwind their minds with brain-friendly probiotic MindAble™ 1714™.


Mindful mornings with mind-friendly muesli​

Busy consumers need a breakfast brand they can trust to give them all the nutrients they need to get seamlessly through the day. With probiotic B. Longum 1714™ in your chocolate-muesli or granola, consumers can enjoy a stressless day, every day. 


Elevate your mood. ​
And your mind.​

Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. And sometimes, you just want to relax. Probiotic MindAble™ 1714™ works in the gut-brain axis to support your body’s own ability to keep stress at bay and invite a sense of zen. All wrapped in delicious treat, just for you.


Unwrap a piece of peacefulness

Elevate your chocolate’s game with probiotics for mental wellbeing and be the first to offer mental wellbeing in a decadent chocolate piece. Help consumers melt away stress and discover their inner peace with MindAble™ 1714™ probiotic.


No impact on sensory (and easy to use!)​

While consumers can enjoy the mind-benefits of MindAble™ 1714™ even up to 12 months after production, you can enjoy the fact that this probiotic has no impact on the sensory experience of your chocolate. That includes taste, texture, shine, and so on. You get the same delicious chocolate, only with more benefits.    ​

It’s also easy to add to your production. Simply pour and stir into your existing recipe and process. And that’s it! 


Explore the science behind MindAble™​

We’ve put MindAble™ 1714™ to the test.​

Fill in the form below to get direct access to our clinical study, and learn the details of how MindAble™ 1714™ (based on Bifidobacterium Longum 1714™) can help daily stress handling and support relaxation in adults.​

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MindAble™ 1714™ opens a completely new game for producers of chocolate tablets, bars and other non-heated chocolate-coated or sprinkled foods. ​

With health benefits that target the mind, your brand could be first to make new claims and create a holistic wellbeing experience for body and mind for consumers around the world. ​

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