Enzymes for biodiesel


Expect more control over feedstock costs

Give your biodiesel plant the flexibility that the future requires. Novozymes biodiesel process, and its Eversa® Transform 2.0 product, is the superior choice for feedstock flexibility with a quicker time to market, lower cost to build, optimized operating cost and lower carbon footprint. It can be deployed in both greenfield and retro-fit units for co-processing or stand-alone applications. Let’s get started, today.


It's time to expect more

Optimize your process
Unlock the potential of your processing plant with optimal operations while reducing your dependence on hazardous chemicals. Expect more process optimization.

Discover new ways to grow
Adapt your business to changing market dynamics and gain the freedom to choose the lowest cost feedstock — today and tomorrow. Expect more growth opportunities.

Stay ahead of the game
From feasibility and engineering studies to market insights gained from global projects, get ahead of growing demand for biodiesel before your competition. Expect more from the future.

How a biodiesel plant in Egypt transformed their business

Biodiesel Misr needed to find a way to convert readily available waste-based feedstocks into biodiesel that meets EU standards. In this case study, we look at our they were able to achieve their goal and more through enzymatic technology.


Adkins Energy reaps the benefits of feedstock flexibility

U.S.-based ethanol producer Adkins Energy already produced corn oil – a valuable input for biodiesel production. So, they thought, why not produce biodiesel, cut out the middleman, and capture that additional value ourselves?

With Novozymes’ help, that’s exactly what they did. By colocating a biodiesel plant at their ethanol facility, Adkins Energy now makes the most of its infrastructure and utilities, and the option to product enzymatic biodiesel protects them from additive pricing increases.


On-demand webinar: Staying ahead of rising biodiesel feedstock prices

As a biodiesel producer, you can’t control feedstock prices – if you could rein in your raw material costs, you would. And that’s why many producers are looking for new ways to improve profitability.

In this free, on-demand webinar, we look at market trends in South East Asia and Europe, including biofuel policies and developments in renewable biodiesel. We’ll also introduce innovative technology that’s helping producers optimize their processes.


The future of biodiesel is feedstock flexibility

Never has it been clearer: The biodiesel industry needs to adopt technologies that provide the much-needed flexibility to switch to the lowest cost feedstock. And, thanks to innovations in biotechnology, that switch is easier for producers than ever before.

In this article, Biofuels International examines the challenges producers face, the pitfalls of chemical processing, and the advantages of biobased, enzymatic biodiesel.


Expect More. More Performance. More Optimization. More Training. More Services.

Novozymes supports customers throughout the stages of working with enzyme technology including feasibility, implementation and optimization. Laboratory equipment including continuous stirred-tank reactors allow team members to mimic biodiesel plant operations. The team’s experience across a wide range of feedstocks ensures that they can find the best solution for every customer’s needs.


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