Enzymatic Biodiesel processing

Expect more control over feedstock costs 

Give your biodiesel plant the flexibility that the future requires. The Novozymes FlexFit® biodiesel process and our Eversa® Transform 2.0 biocatalyst, deliver feedstock flexibility with a quicker time to market, lower cost to build, optimized operating cost, and a lower carbon footprint.  


Maximize your plant’s profitability

Increase revenues

Enjoy flexibility to process a wide range of feedstocks, including those with glycerides and high FFA


Up to 3% additional yield compared to acid esterification and glycerolysis


Lower operating expenses

Simple pre-treatment: water/acid wash and pH adjustment for typical low-quality feedstocks


Operate at lower temperatures (35-40°C) and lower methanol rectification costs


Lower capital expenses

Avoid expensive equipment usually deployed for high temperature & atmospheric pressure operations


Reduce maintenance, equipment wear and tear by minimizing harsh chemicals such as sulphuric acid


Expand opportunities with waste oils and meet regulations

Today, the biggest challenge for biodiesel producers is not to find buyers of biodiesel but, rather, obtaining the supplies of the raw materials needed for biodiesel production.

Learn more about how Novozymes helped this company convert low-value feedstocks into high-value biodiesel that meets EU standards while avoiding the pitfalls of chemical processing.

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What is enzymatic biodiesel processing?

Thirty biodiesel plants worldwide currently use enzyme catalysts as a profitable way to process waste feedstocks. In this ebook, ‘The Path of Feedstock Flexibility’, we take you through the six steps to help you understand the technology and to evaluate whether enzymes are the right solution for your plant:

  1. Understand the concept
  2. Get to know Novozymes
  3. Validate the business case
  4. Technical proof of concept
  5. Plan the engineering
  6. Make the investment

Project execution support

With Novozymes FlexFit ®, our engineering experts will help you identify opportunities in your plant to maximize profitability and navigate the transition to feedstock flexibility. You will receive:

  • Feasibility studies to help you assess the modifications required to turn your existing plant into an enzymatic transesterification biodiesel unit for processing of waste and advanced feedstocks of varying quality and FFA content
  • A basic engineering and design package including flow sheet, stream table, PID and equipment specifications.
  • Guarantees on performance

Biodiesel highlights:

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2030 outlook report

Biodiesel demand is projected to remain high through 2030, and with the implementation of RED II, there is a clear transition towards more sustainable feedstocks.


This report discusses the challenges biodiesel producers face and how enzymes can provide a cost-effective path to overcoming those challenges, while increasing feedstock flexibility.


The future of biodiesel is feedstock flexibility

Never has it been clearer: the biodiesel industry needs to adopt technologies that provide much-needed flexibility to switch to the lowest cost feedstock. And, thanks to innovations in biotechnology, that switch is easier for producers than ever before.


In this article, Biofuels International examines the challenges producers face, the pitfalls of chemical processing, and the advantages of biobased, enzymatic biodiesel.

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On-demand webinar: Stay ahead of rising biodiesel feedstock prices

As a biodiesel producer, you can’t control feedstock prices. That’s why many producers are looking for new ways to improve profitability.

In this free, on-demand webinar, we look at market trends in South East Asia and Europe, including biofuel policies and developments. We’ll also introduce innovative technology that’s helping producers to optimize their processes.

Trusted by 100+ oils and fats processing plants around the world

We have an enduring commitment to your business success. Expect minimum downtime and maximum output - We offer technical and supply chain services to ensure your plant always deliver to specification. With our global network and our team’s experience, we will find the best solution for every customer’s needs.

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Biodiesel success stories

Adkins Energy reaps benefits of feedstock flexibility

U.S.-based ethanol producer Adkins Energy already produced corn oil – a valuable input for biodiesel production. So, they thought, "Why not produce biodiesel, cut out the middleman, and capture that additional value?"

That’s exactly what they did. By colocating a biodiesel plant at their ethanol facility, Adkins Energy now makes the most of its infrastructure and utilities, and the option to produce enzymatic biodiesel protects them from additive pricing increases.

Biodiesel producer achieves significant OPEX and CAPEX savings with Novozymes enzymatic solutions

How a biodiesel plant in Egypt transformed their business

Biodiesel Misr needed to find a way to convert readily-available waste-based feedstocks into biodiesel that meets EU standards. In this case study, we look at how they were able to achieve their goal—and more—through enzymatic technology.


How does Eversa® Transform 2.0 work?

Novozymes Eversa® Transform 2.0 is an enzyme biocatalyst specifically engineered to help biodiesel producers mitigate the challenge around the quality of the feedstock and its free fatty acid (FFA) content.

This enzyme biocatalyst can simultaneously catalyze the transesterification (hydrolysis) of glycerides and esterification of FFA, bringing flexibility to producers  dealing with variations of feedstock quality and FFA content.

What could feedstock flexibility do for your plant?

Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to talk about how Novozymes FlexFit® and Eversa® Transform 2.0 can help you achieve the flexibility your biodiesel operation needs for the future.

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