Bleach clean-up

Enzymes for bleach clean-up

More cost-efficient residual peroxide removal 

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Removing residual bleach

Consistent dyeing is vital for textile manufacturing and is directly related to the quality of the end-product. Natural fabrics are often bleached to get the best shade, but hydrogen peroxide is highly reactive. Even the smallest traces of it can interfere with the dyeing process and cause uneven colors on the fabric. That’s why it's essential to remove all hydrogen peroxide before dyeing a textile.

Residual hydrogen peroxide reacts with dyes. Terminox® removes all hydrogen peroxide residues and – unlike residual reducing agent - doesn’t react with dyes. That’s why you always achieve your target color with Terminox®.


Residual hydrogen peroxide


reducing agent

Residual reducing agent


Terminox treated



Catalase enzymes in bleach clean-up

Our family of catalase solutions remove even the smallest traces of bleach. That leaves textiles ready for consistent, even batch-to-batch dyeing reproducibility.


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