Enzymes for specialty fats

Achieve higher-quality products through enzymatic processing

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Health-conscious diets are on the rise 

Consumers worldwide are turning toward healthier diets. From foods that promote digestive health and support a stronger immune system to simply moving toward a more nutritious and sustainable diet, people are making food choices that support a healthier lifestyle. 

These shifting trends drive a growing demand for healthier food options, including specialty oils and fats.  

Product quality is essential

It goes without saying that health-conscious consumers demand high-quality ingredients. But there’s also a push industry-wide toward cleaner processes and improved quality that satisfies not only the customer but increased regulatory compliance as well. 
This means finding an alternative to traditional chemical esterification that produces a higher-quality, more sustainable end product. 

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Removing chemicals from the equation

Enzymes are an ideal alternative to chemicals for processing specialty fats. They allow the production of purer, higher-quality structured lipids that have better taste, smell, and color than those produced through chemical esterification.  
And, because they allow processing at milder conditions, enzymes reduce byproduct levels while preserving the oils’ natural color and micronutrients. 

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Explore our enzymatic biosolutions for specialty fats

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OPOs and CBEs

Produce higher-quality structured lipids, including Palmitic Fatty Acid Structures (OPO) and Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBE) with enzymatic esterification. 

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Marine oil processing

Enzymatic esterification enables you to process marine oil at milder conditions, reducing byproducts and preserving the natural color and micronutrients.

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MCT and diglyceride oils

Sustainably obtain higher quality MCT and diglyceride oils using milder reactions with lower operational cost by applying enzymatic technology. 

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Optimize your process 

With our extensive industry experience and technical expertise, we’ll collaborate with you to perfect every step of production, activate technologies at scale, minimize risk, and improve your margins. 

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Discover new ways to grow 

Adapt your business and benefit from a cost-competitive solution optimized for a range of different techniques to produce the highest value possible—today and tomorrow. 

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Stay ahead of the game 

From our trusted technical team that’s ready to offer operational support at every step, to our commitment to research, and insights from international projects—you can count on us for a steady flow of knowledge. 

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