Enzymes in wine production

Enzymes play an essential role in wine production

They help to improve flavor, color and aromas in premium and bulk wines. That's why winemakers around the world rely on our enzymes.

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Better products, better business

Whether you're making deep colored reds, fresh floral whites or soft rosés, our enzymes can help. They deliver higher quality wine, easier processing, lower manufacturing costs, and increased profits. 

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Meeting your processing needs

Our enzymes for extraction enhance the color and aroma of your wines. In clarification, our enzymes deliver enhanced quality and faster processing. We also have enzymes that speed up maturation and give your wines a better flavor profile. In filtration, our enzymes ensure reliability, efficiency and quality.

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Organic labelling

Today’s consumers are becoming more conscious of their health, and of sustainability. As organic products are considered healthier and more sustainable, consumers are increasingly opting for organic food alternatives – and wines are no exception.

Read about our range of enzymes that support the processing of organic wines.

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Stay on top of trends in wine production

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