Efficient, safer, more environmentally-friendly textile processing

New opportunities are opening up in sustainable textile manufacturing. Enzymes let textile mills and laundries save energy, time and money. Consumers and brands get the high-quality, sustainable fabrics that are swiftly rising in popularity.

Consumer perceptions are changing 

• 61% of consumers are worried about climate change 

• 65% of consumers try to make a positive impact on the environment through everyday actions

Source: Euromonitor

More than all international flights

“Total greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production, at 1.2 billion tonnes annually, are more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.”   
Ellen Macarthur Foundation

The first thing a consumer or brand can do

According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, the most direct way to reduce waste and pollution in textile manufacturing is simple:  Increase the average number of times that clothes are worn. 

See how Novozymes Livelong® helps communicate with consumers who are interested in more sustainable clothes.

Denim abrasion with enzymes removes indigo and gives denim a used, vintage look. Denim finishing with enzymes bleaches the indigo and gives a lighter shade.

Latest solutions:
DeniSafe®  - The combination of certified systems and enzymes for mist technology.

Laundries save 90% of water and achieve unique looks. Reduces or eliminates the use of potassium permanganate and pumice stones.

Better practices
DeniSafe®- certified machines and enzymes support the safe application of enzymes. 

Cotton is cleaned with a gentle multienzyme system instead of  harsh chemicals. Reliable new second-generation enzymatic scouring.

Latest solutions:

Bioprep® - Multienzyme and surfactant combination ensures robust cotton scouring every time.

Uniform dyeing, gentle on the cotton. Better hand feel, less weight loss. Mills shorten production runs, save 67% water, 50% energy and  time. 33% reduction of COD/BOD in wastewater. 

Enzymes remove loose fiber ends for cotton and fiber knits, leaving clean new-looking surface.

Latest solutions:

Livelong® - Latest innovation to extend the lifetime of not only cotton knits but also lyocell, modal and viscose.

High-quality knits that keep a clean surface and bright colors wash after wash.
Ideal clean surface for digital printing.
Meets consumer-demand for longer-lasting clothes.

Better practices:
Novozymes CombiPolish® is a 3-in-1 patented process combining bleach clean up, biopolishing and dyeing in one bath.

Enzymes remove excess H2O2 after bleaching. 


Gives consistent, even dyeing. Saves time, water and energy and avoids the use of a reducing agent that may give shade changes.  

Better practices:
Novozymes CombiPolish® is a 3-in-1 patented process combining bleach clean up, biopolishing and dyeing in one bath.

Enzymes remove starch-based size on the yarn after weaving.

Better dyeing results and fabric strength with less chemicals,  water and energy.

Meet the expert

Solving the water bottleneck  

Due to tightening environmental regulations on water use and pollution, many textile mills in China are now forced to limit production volumes. 

Risheng is a key mill in Zhongda, one of China's two largest wholesale fabric markets. Risheng began using Novozymes Bioprep® Fusion in 2017. This let them save water and energy, reduce processing time, use less chemicals, reduce wastewater effluent, and improve fabric quality, e.g. better handfeel. 

The Bioprep® Fusion process has solved Risheng’s bottleneck of wastewater treatment capacity. 

“Because we could reduce our water use, we have been able to increase production from 120 tons to 150 tons daily,” says Mr. He Shaojun, a Risheng production manager.

Risheng’s management values Novozymes’ innovation and service. “We trust Novozymes’ innovation to safeguard our business - also in the future.”

Textile processing with enzymes is a win-win for everyone 

With enzymes, you cut production times, harsh chemicals, energy and water. Enzymes are safer for employees and the environment. 
Enzymes effectively prepare fabrics for dyeing and printing, as well as improving their handfeel, washability and appearance. 

With enzymes, it’s a win-win. 

Global reach to meet the needs of mills and laundries

Novozymes, the world leader in industrial enzymes, is able to offer world-class product quality, technical service, reliable supply and a network of commercial partners globally. 

This enables us to meet the demands of any textile mill or laundry anywhere in the world.

Novozymes’ products for formulators

Denimax® cuts water, energy and heat costs and gives a great stone-washed look.

Benefits of Denimax®

  • A high-color contrast finish, high-color pull and a low degree of back staining
  • Cuts water and heat consumption by up to 50 percent, and electricity consumption by up to 15%*
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear*
  • Available for temperatures as low as 30°C

*Compared to conventional stonewashing with pumice stones

Denilite® allows for safer, stabler and faster denim bleaching, when compared to traditionally bleached denim.

Benefits of Denilite®

  • Cuts chemical use and improves effluent quality
  • Easier to use: bleaching stops automatically after 15 minutes
  • Improves garment contrast and enhances abrasion effect
  • Powerful anti-back staining properties
  • Can be used at room temperature
  • Can be used in safety-approved low-water spray machines

Save on water, energy and time with BioPrep® - and cut down on the volume and chemical load of its effluent.

Benefits of BioPrep®

  • 67% water savings
  • 50% time savings
  • 50% energy savings

Give retailers the great quality cotton textiles that consumers demand with Cellusoft®.

Benefits of Cellusoft®

  • Works at gentle processing conditions
  • Low weight and strength loss
  • Can be used before, during and after dyeing

Fiberlife® is Novozymes’ latest innovation in biopolishing. It is used in a new biopolishing process recently launched to extend the lifetime popular fabrics beyond cotton such as lyocell, modal and viscose.  

Benefits of Fiberlife®

  • Opportunity for mills, laundries and brands to meet growing consumer preference for longer-lasting, more sustainable clothes.

Terminox® removes hydrogen peroxide faster and more cost-effectively in pre-treatment by breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Benefits of Terminox®

  • Helps avoid uneven color in final product
  • Saves up to three water baths and up to a half hour*
  • Helps allow for consistent dyeing results
  • Can take place separately or together with biopolishing
  • Available for many temperature and pH ranges

*Compared to conventional methods such as warm-water rinsing/reducing chemicals

Aquazym® allows for complete removal of starch-based sizing agents in textile manufacturing processes. Since it only targets the starch, it doesn’y negatively affect the cellulose.

Benefits of Aquazym®

  • Effective solubilization and starch removal
  • Available for all temperature and pH ranges
  • No aggressive chemicals needed
  • Safe handling and operation
  • Improved wettability
  • Improved fabric quality

Termamyl® improves dyeing and fabric strength and cuts chemical and water consumption by removing starch-based sizes before dyeing.

Benefits of Termamyl®

  • Great batch-to-batch dyeing reproducibility and consistency
  • Retained fabric strength, as enzymes work under mild conditions
  • Cuts chemical and water consumption
  • Can be combined with desizing and bioscouring
  • Available for a many temperature and pH ranges

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