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Pollution solution

Ajay Sanghvi from our Textiles team explains that producers in Tirupur, India, were forced to reduce production for not meeting pollution limits. They asked us for a new generation of enzymatic scouring, and other alternatives to chemicals. 

It all begins with a customer who believes in us and uses our biological solutions 

In 2016, we returned with a new enzymatic scouring solution. Quickly adopted, this new solution allowed these mills to not only produce more, but in a cleaner way.

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Polish up your cotton knits

Cellulase enzymes can significantly enhance the quality of pure and blended cotton knits. Cellulases remove protruding fibers and dead cotton from fabrics and garments. This leaves them smoother, and keeps their colors clearer for longer.

A 2016 survey of German and French shoppers explored the impact of biopolishing on their purchasing decisions. The results were clear: Consumers will pay more to get the benefits of biopolishing.

Partnerships for sustainability

Save on water, energy and time with BioPrep® - and cut down on the volume and chemical load of its effluent.

Benefits of BioPrep®

  • 67% water savings
  • 50% time savings
  • 50% energy savings

Terminox® removes hydrogen peroxide faster and more cost-effectively in pre-treatment by breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Benefits of Terminox®

  • Helps avoid uneven color in final product
  • Saves up to three water baths and up to a half hour*
  • Helps allow for consistent dyeing results
  • Can take place separately or together with biopolishing
  • Available for many temperature and pH ranges

*Compared to conventional methods such as warm-water rinsing/reducing chemicals

Aquazym® allows for complete removal of starch-based sizing agents in textile manufacturing processes. Since it only targets the starch, it doesn’y negatively affect the cellulose.

Benefits of Aquazym®

  • Effective solubilization and starch removal
  • Available for all temperature and pH ranges
  • No aggressive chemicals needed
  • Safe handling and operation
  • Improved wettability
  • Improved fabric quality

Termamyl® improves dyeing and fabric strength and cuts chemical and water consumption by removing starch-based sizes before dyeing.

Benefits of Termamyl®

  • Great batch-to-batch dyeing reproducibility and consistency
  • Retained fabric strength, as enzymes work under mild conditions
  • Cuts chemical and water consumption
  • Can be combined with desizing and bioscouring
  • Available for a many temperature and pH ranges

Denilite® allows for safer, stabler and faster denim bleaching, when compared to traditionally bleached denim.

Benefits of Denilite®

  • Cuts chemical use and improves effluent quality
  • Easier to use: bleaching stops automatically after 15 minutes
  • Improves garment contrast and enhances abrasion effect
  • Powerful anti-back staining properties
  • Can be used at room temperature
  • Can be used in safety-approved low-water spray machines

Denimax® cuts water, energy and heat costs and gives a great stone-washed look.

Benefits of Denimax®

  • A high-color contrast finish, high-color pull and a low degree of back staining
  • Cuts water and heat consumption by up to 50 percent, and electricity consumption by up to 15%*
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear*
  • Available for temperatures as low as 30°C

*Compared to conventional stonewashing with pumice stones

Give retailers the great quality cotton textiles that consumers demand with Cellusoft®.

Benefits of Cellusoft®

  • Works at gentle processing conditions
  • Low weight and strength loss
  • Can be used before, during and after dyeing

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