Control diacetyl formation

As you’re aware, diacetyl is both a key maturation indicator and causes the butterscotch off-flavors you want to avoid. It’s often ranked as one of the most offensive off-flavors in Pilsner-type beer.

Yeast produces extra diacetyl as a result of stress. This can be due to low levels of FAN Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) (See how to get consistent FAN levels.)

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An efficient, cost-effective way to ensure flavor profiles

Novozymes brewing enzymes prevent diacetyl forming during fermentation by eliminating the precursor. That reduces the maturation time while ensuring your specified flavor profile. And it makes for a reliable, predictable process.

By controlling diacetyl formation, you can reduce cellar costs and maturation times. It also means you have to reprocess fewer batches due to high diacetyl. So, you operate more efficiently.

Increase yields from your existing setup

Use enzymes to ensure maximum throughput year-round or during special periods with tight capacity, such as peak seasons. More flexible, cost-effective operations could even enable you to postpone CapEx investments.

Which solution is the right one for you?

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