Substitute your chemical catalysts with lipases from Novozymes

With impressive substrate selectivity and fast reaction rates, lipases are excellent catalysts offering both a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative in your manufacturing.

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Future-proof your products with green chemistry

Conventional fine chemicals often suffer from a number of unsustainable traits, not least their petrochemical origin, scarce supply, and the fact that they can be pollutants that create waste.

At the same time companies need to demonstrate more sustainable manufacturing processes with a reduced environmental impact.

So how can you meet the growing demand for pharmaceuticals with cost-effective fine chemicals that leave no impact on our planet, its people, and animals?

The 12 Principles of green chemistry

Achieve more with lipases

Lipases are used in many industrial applications where the chemical transformations include enantioselective resolution of esters and amides.

Lipases catalyze the hydrolysis of triacylglycerol to different glycerol derivatives and free fatty acids. They also show diversified specificity for substrates and reactions under anhydrous conditions to synthesize new molecules by esterification, alcoholysis, transesterification and acylation.

Biocatalysis with lipases deliver cost savings, greater sustainability, and better productivity. You can also achieve higher-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates.

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Our lipase solutions

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Enzymes from Novozymes are not compliant with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. They should not be used as APIs or excipients.

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Lipase application areas

Lipases are used in several industrial applications where the chemical transformations include enantioselective resolution of esters and amides, and other general transformations such as:

  • Acylation of alcohols and amines to form esters and amides
  • Mild hydrolysis or acylation of sensitive substrates
  • Kinetic resolution by transesterification of racemic acids and alcohols
  • Kinetic resolution by hydrolysis of racemic esters
  • Desymmetrization of diesters

Examples of commercial applications, where lipases are being deployed as catalysts are illustrated below.

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