Enzymes for physical refining

Higher yields and a more sustainable process for deep degumming

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Robust physical refining that increases yields and valuable by-products

For refineries starting from crude or degummed oil, enzymatic deep degumming can increase your yield by up to 1.5% while reducing phosphorus levels. Our solutions enable reduced chemical usage, converting non-hydratable phosphatides into fully hydrated lysolecithin during gum removal. At the same time, you can expect higher levels of valuable by-products like tocopherol and distilled free fatty acids (FFA).

PLA1 enzymes for a safer and more sustainable process

Our phospholipase A1 enzymes enable a robust, stable and flexible process that you can use on crude and degummed oil. They reduce the need for hazardous chemicals to improve safety at your plant. They’re also readily biodegradable.

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Save on water, gum-drying energy and bleaching earth

Chemical neutralization and acidic degumming are resource-intensive processes. That leads to costs for water, gum-drying energy and bleaching earth. Enzymatic refining with our solutions demands less of all these resources. That means significant cost savings for your plant.

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Calculate the savings for your plant

With our oil profit calculator you can evaluate the main steps of your physical refining process and find the combination that will maximize gains and minimize loss.  Use the calculator to find out what our solutions could do for your plant.

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