Enzymes for water degumming

Access more oil than you thought possible


Improve gum separation and boost your oil yields

High phospholipid levels in gum separation make significant oil losses unavoidable. That’s why yields above 95% are rare in traditional water degumming processes. With our innovative phospholipase C (PLC) enzymatic solution, Quara® Boost, you can recover much of this oil. That allows you to boost your overall yields.

Fewer impurities, more oil

By adding Quara® Boost, to your existing water degumming process, you can convert more phospholipids to oil. That means cutting by-products and boosting oil yields. Quara® Boost, also reduces emulsification strength, which releases neutral oil from gums. The end result is a 1% to 2% increase in oil yield and higher profits for your plant.

Water Degumming flasks
dried gums showing oils that are usually wasted

Every plant struggles with significant yield increases

Right now, even the most efficient plants struggle to improve oil yields. Even with continuous process optimizations, you’re unlikely to get large gains.

It’s frustrating when you consider the difference a big gain could make to your bottom line….

Factbox rise in oil yield

Where you are today

If you’re achieving oil yields of 95%, you’re getting around 950 tons of refined oil. The remaining 5% equates to 50 tons soap stock. That gives you a turnover of around $682.5m.

Where Quara® Boost could take you tomorrow

A 2% rise in oil yield – from 95% to 97%, would give you 970 tons of refined oil. 3% of your output would now be gums. That’s the equivalent of 30 tons of gums.  Giving you a turnover of 689.5m.

Estimation based on a plant with 1.000 TPD of oil processed and oil price at USD 700 per ton.

Factbox increase in turnover

Where could a 2% oil yield increase take your plan?

With our oil profit calculator you can evaluate the main steps of your alkaline refining process and find the combination that will maximize gains and minimize loss.  Use the calculator to find out where Quara Boost® could take your plant.

Two unique PLC enzymes to boost your oil yield

Quara® Boost is an innovative phospholipase C (PLC) enzymatic solution for alkaline refining.

It recovers extra oil that’s hiding in plain sight so you can access more oil than you thought possible.

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