Enzymes and yeast enabling your production targets

Key drivers of your plant’s success are ethanol yield and co-product production efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint. Maximize your starch and fiber-based ethanol and corn oil yields while lowering other inputs with our industry leading portfolio of enzyme and yeast. Biological solutions designed with flexibility enabling you to achieve your production targets and unlock the future or your plant.


Maximize your ethanol yields

For optimal output efficiency, you need to start strong. Our liquefaction enzymes reduce viscosity and improve grain conversion to solubilize more starch. In saccharification, our enzymes deliver the industry’s highest total sugar conversion. Our yeasts reset the standard for stress tolerance and sugar conversion for industry leading fermentation performance. With our expertise in fiber conversion, we can assist you in achieving the highest level of fiber gallons for access to low carbon fuel markets. And in biomass conversion, we offer custom enzyme blends, tailored to your substrates and process conditions.

The result: Unsurpassed low carbon production efficiency.


Diversify your co-products

Diversification into a range of co-products is essential for your plant's continuing success. We're committed to developing solutions that help you maximize the value of your substrates.

Whether you want to boost your corn oil yields, explore specialized DDGS or upgrade your co-products to access higher value, we're here to help. Our industry-leading solutions and service are the foundation you need to build a strong co-product strategy.


Unlock corn fiber value

Our corn fiber-to-ethanol platform creates significant value from a low-value by-product. The groundbreaking Fiberex® platform drives enzyme and yeast innovation. That allows you to diversify your business into low-carbon markets. It also expands a major revenue stream for your plant by extracting more corn oil, while delivering energy and water savings. Fiberex® can even help you pave the way for higher co-product value and quality.


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