Transition to nature's own catalysts

Achieve a more sustainable and cost-effective synthesis through improved productivity with a higher quality, and better process economy.


Which class of biocatalysts is right for you?

How can you sustain a growing pharmaceutical market with no impact on people and planet?

Conventional fine chemicals often suffer from a number of unsustainable traits, not least their petrochemical origin, scarce supply, and the fact that they can be pollutants that create waste.

At the same time, companies need to demonstrate more sustainable production processes with a reduced environmental impact.

So the question is: how can you meet the growing demand for pharmaceuticals with cost-effective fine chemicals that don’t leave a negative impact on our planet, its people and animals?

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Future-proof your products with green chemistry

When applied, enzymes naturally comply with all green chemistry principles due to their biological origin, biodegradability, and specific mode of action. With enzymes, you can design your chemical process to reduce waste and lower your demand for fossil resources. They also let you implement processes that use smaller amounts of energy.

The 12 Principles of green chemistry

Achieve more with biocatalysis

In biocatalysis, natural catalysts, like enzymes, replace chemical catalysts in synthetic processes. Enzymes for biocatalysis deliver cost savings, greater sustainability and better productivity. Biocatalysis also let you create higher-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates.

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  • Demonstrate the financial and environmental benefits of transitioning from chemicals to biocatalysis
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