Transition to nature's own catalysts

Replace chemicals and solvents with biosolutions and ensure your long-term competitiveness, achieve a more cost-effective productivity, and higher quality.


Sustainably meeting the challenges of the modern fine chemicals market

As a fine chemical producer, you’re facing a growing number of challenges in today's dynamic market. Increasing demands from investors and customers—along with environmental concerns—mean that you’re pushing to transition to a more sustainable operation without sacrificing competitiveness. ​

The urgency to make this transition is driven by increasing EHS regulations, dwindling supplies of non-renewable metal-based catalysts, and the difficulty of achieving high process yield and consistent, high-quality results through conventional chemistry.

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Overcoming the challenges and unlocking new potential

What if there was a way to ensure long-term competitiveness by replacing harmful chemical processes and solvents with safer, more efficient catalysts? To remove operational risks and compliance concerns while improving process yields and output quality by embracing sustainability? ​

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Achieve more with biocatalysis

With Novozymes' biocatalysis solutions, you can achieve more than just streamlined production and cost savings. Our cutting-edge technologies offer unique possibilities that secure your operations, keep you ahead of EHS regulations, and position your company as a leader in sustainable practices. ​


Which class of biocatalysts is right for you?

Embracing green chemistry

By using nature’s own biocatalysts—enzymes—to replace harmful chemical processes, you can secure your fine chemical operations and competitiveness into the future. Biocatalysis improves sustainability and efficiency, achieving a higher-quality, more cost-effective synthesis process. It eliminates the need for scarce, hazardous metal-based catalysts, and helps you more easily comply with an ever-changing regulatory environment. All while reducing costs by reducing the need for purification operations and boosting process yields.

Embrace the future of Fine Chemicals with sustainable solutions

Novozymes stands ready to support you in your transition towards green chemistry, offering expertise and a commitment to environmental stewardship.​

At Novozymes, we house the world's largest and most diverse collection of enzyme solutions, allowing us to meet your specific needs, even at an industrial scale.

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Future-proof your products with green chemistry

When applied, enzymes naturally comply with all green chemistry principles due to their biological origin, biodegradability, and specific mode of action. With enzymes, you can design your chemical process to reduce waste and lower your demand for fossil resources. They also let you implement processes that use smaller amounts of energy.

The 12 Principles of green chemistry

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