Enzymes for refining

Expect more yield, more valuable end-products and less waste

Give your refining plant access to biotechnology and expertise that will increase your profitability by improving gum separation and reducing oil losses.

enzymatic solutions for oils and fats industries

Oils that can be treated with our solutions:

  • Soybean Oil

  • Rapeseed Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Rice Bran Oil

  • Corn Oils

  • All other oils and blends that demand phosphorus reduction for food, biodiesel or renewable diesel application
all possible oils for refining

What could a 2% oil yield increase mean for your business?

If you haven’t considered optimizing your process through the addition of enzymatic technology, you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table – it’s just a question of how much.

By adding our enzymes to your refining process, you can convert more phospholipids to oil. That means cutting by-products and boosting oil yields by up to 2%. And you can unlock this extra profit at various stages of your process, such as water degumming, physical refining and even alkaline refining. Discover the different solutions we can offer you.

With our oil profit calculator, you can evaluate the main steps of your refining process and find the combination that will maximize gains and minimize loss.

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Next-level refining innovation: our Degumming Excellence Centre

Located in Brazil, one of the world’s largest producers of vegetable oil, our newly opened Degumming Excellence Centre gives customers unprecedented access to the technology and expertise moving the industry forward.

From a state-of-the-art laboratory – complete with a pilot plant enabling the small-scale testing of industrial-scale solutions – to dedicated space for training and meetings, the Degumming Excellence Centre puts a wealth of Novozymes’ refining resources and expertise at your disposal, all under one roof.

Read the article to learn more about the Centre.

degumming lab
Degumming oil

Bringing full-package refining solutions

Enzymatic degumming is a relatively new process that demands a complete understanding of the plant to optimize gains. That’s why we developed a proven business model, implementing it first in Brazil. We partnered with BR Process, a Brazil-based industrial tech company, to ensure our customers get the most from their enzymatic solutions.


Thanks to this end-to-end approach, our customers get access to both the technical expertise and the solutions they need to improve their yield and profitability.

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On-demand webinar: How enzymes improve the efficiency of alkaline refining

Whether you’re just learning about enzymatic refining or want to better understand the process and science behind it, this free, on-demand webinar will deliver.


In this webinar, we provide an introduction to the use of enzymes in oil refining, including how that process compares to traditional alkaline refining. We’ll also introduce Quara® Boost, innovative enzymatic technology that’s helping producers improve their yield, and show how this process can be optimized.

Vegetable oil

Driving business impact for Molinos through collaboration

Molinos was already a leading global player in enzymatic degumming. But after seeing the results that Quara® Boost produced in the lab, they quickly took it to industrial scale.


Through ongoing collaboration with Novozymes and BR Process, they were able to bring Quara® Boost to its maximum potential for their operation – increasing their yield by 1.7%.


Watch Francisco’s full testimonial to learn more about how our partnership led to exceptional results.   

Access more oil than you thought possible

Quara® Boost is an enzymatic solution that helps you recover the oil that’s hiding in plain sight – all while reducing unwanted by-product and without increasing the acidity of the oil.

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