Enzymes for deposit control

Reduce pitch and stickies

Pulp & Paper factory

Avoid downtime and improve the appearance and strength of paper and board

Pitch and stickies deposits on your equipment increase downtime and cleaning frequency for your felts and rolls. Whether you’re working with recycled, chemical or mechanical pulps, we have solutions to control deposition. This results in increased production of stronger paper and board with fewer spots and holes.

Break down triglycerides to reduce pitch deposits

During mechanical pulping, natural triglycerides are released and retained within the pulp fiber. Triglycerides are a major component of pitch, so they contribute to the formation of deposits on rollers, wires and the paper sheet. On the fiber surface, they can also interfere with interfiber bonding and reduce paper strength. Our enzymatic solutions for pitch control break down triglycerides. That considerably reduces the level of pitch deposition on your paper machine. It also improves the quality and strength of your paper and board.


Pitch control with minimal operational adjustment

Integrate enzymes in your process with no further CAPEX.

Pitch Process Flow final

Prevent stickies deposits

Adhesives, coatings, and binders in recycled feed stocks are typical sources of stickies. If allowed to agglomerate, stickies eventually form deposits on your wires, felts, rolls and cans. This accumulation of stickies creates both operational and quality issues. Our enzymatic solutions for stickies target certain contaminants commonly found in stickies. The result is less potential for agglomeration. That reduces deposits across the paper machine and defects in your final products.

man looking at paper roll in a factory

Integrate enzymes in your process with no further CAPEX

Unlock the benefits of enzymes in stickies control within your existing process


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