Innova® Fit

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Breaking through the limitations experienced with conventional non-GM yeasts, Innova® Fit enables your plant to reduce fermentation risks, to excel in a broad range of operating conditions including high throughput fermentations, and significantly increase ethanol yields.

  • Power through high temperature excursions without sacrificing yield: Maintain higher yields during fermentation temperature excursions, up to 36⁰C/96⁰F, reducing variability and process upsets.
  • Expand throughput by fermenting high dry solids: Developed to withstand the rigor of heavy duty hard running plants, Innova® Fit can ferment up to 36% dry solids while tolerating high ethanol titers in fermentation.
  • Increase ethanol yield up to 2%: Operating in a wide variety of fermentation times, Innova® Fit excels in fermentations between 55 and 65 hours and is a drop-in solution capable of converting more sugar to ethanol versus other non-GM yeast, to improve your plant’s profitability.
  • May reduce your need for yeast nutritional supplements: While many yeast use urea and yeast food to support fermentation, Innova® Fit may significantly reduce the need for urea

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