Flatbread enzymes

Whether as tortillas, pitas, wraps or another local variant, flatbreads are loved all over the world

Whichever type of flatbread you choose, you want it to be flexible and rollable. It shouldn’t crack or break when you fold it. Unfortunately, flatbreads tend to lose freshness quickly. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help.

Fresh flexible flatbread

Loss of freshness leads to wastage

Their versatility is what makes flatbreads so popular the world over. You can eat them as a sandwich stuffed with delicious fillings. Or you can choose to top and bake them. Another option is to use them to mop up those delicious sauces you just can’t leave behind. For many consumers, the only limiting thing about flatbreads is how quickly they can lose freshness. The flatbreads eaten throughout the Middle East are a great example. Their very short freshness period means that in some households in the region, wastage of baked goods can be as high as 20%.

Our enzymes for flatbreads

Our solutions for flatbreads deliver great rollability, flexibility, flavor and moistness. That helps wide range of flatbread types avoid cracking and zippering over their entire shelf life.

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