Enzymes for biscuit formulation

What makes for a better biscuit, cookie or cracker?

It’s a tough question, because whether it’s crispy, soft, cakey or chewy, everyone has their own favorite texture. But regardless of texture, most people eat with their eyes first. So your baking customers’ biscuits, cookies and crackers need to have an appetizingly even shape and surface. Bakers also need to consider the clean label trend. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help. They’re designed to help bakers bake better.

assorted biscuits

Bake better with enzymes

Bakers also need to consider the clean label trend. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help. They’re designed to help bakers bake better.

Better-for-you biscuits

Balancing indulgence with better-for-you attributes. That's the focus of the biscuits, cookies, and crackers market right now, according to Mintel’s “Year of Innovation” 2022 report. This trend is a great opportunity for bakers. But only if they can keep the great flavor, texture and appearance consumers expect. Our smarter Acrylaway® solution can help. It reduces acrylamide levels by up to 90%. That helps address consumers’ growing concern about this suspected carcinogen. All without affecting their enjoyment of the final products. The clean label trend is also linked to better-for-you attributes. It’s all about having fewer ingredients that consumers don’t recognize. As natural processing aids, our Lipopan® Prime, Neutrase® and Sensea® Biscuit SF enzymatic solutions are the consumer-friendly choice for tapping into this trend. Lipopan® Prime allows bakers to leave some emulsifiers out of their formulations. And incorporating Neutrase®  or Sensea® Biscuit SF in their recipes means they have less need for sodium metabisulfite (SMS) and other reducing agents.

Better-for-you biscuits

Better-looking biscuits

As well as enabling cleaner labels, Neutrase® and Sensea® Biscuit SF improve the texture and appearance of final products.

But they’re not the only solutions we offer for this. From enhanced color to good imprinting, we can deliver the benefits bakers need for better-looking biscuits.

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Better-for-bakers’-bottom-line biscuits

As the cost-of-living crisis bites, bakers need to find ways to stay competitive without compromising on quality. Finding savings in production is a great place to start.

Our smarter solutions can help. They optimize bakers’ costs and processes without impacting the quality of their final products.

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Explore our other benefits

Bread enzymes

In many cultures, bread is no longer just a dietary staple. Consumers rely on it for indulgence and comfort. Our enzymes deliver a range of consumer-friendly benefits in fresh, packaged and frozen breads. So whether you’re an artisanal or industrial baker, if you love to bake better, you’ll love our bread enzymes.

Cake enzymes

Cakes are part of almost every celebration worldwide. They’re an indulgent delight that spreads happiness. Our cake enzymes keep your carefully crafted cake creations fresher throughout their shelf life. That allows you to make every celebration extra special.

Flatbread enzymes

Flexibility, rollability and non-stickiness. Those are the three things consumers demand from tortillas, pitas, wraps and other flatbreads. Loss of freshness can stop your flatbreads delivering on these key parameters. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help. They prevent cracking and zippering over flatbreads’ entire shelf life.

Pasta and noodles

Consumers expect cooked pasta and noodle products to remain firm, bright and smooth. They also want minimal stickiness, even when they overcook. Our biosolutions help you overcome the challenges of varying wheat flour quality. That means you can consistently meet your consumers' expectations.

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