Biocontrol for robust protection against soil and foliar disease

Our biocontrol products provide robust protection against various soil and foliar diseases. The solutions consist of microbes, notably bacteria, that target damaging disease and keep crops healthy.

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A natural, dependable solution

Chemicals have long been the chosen method for disease control. However, there is the risk of developed resistance and, and they can be unsafe for pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Novozymes biocontrol solutions provide you with a natural alternative, suitable for integrated pest management (IPM) systems to suppress/control a broad range of soil and foliar diseases.

Protecting crops with biological solutions: on-demand webinar

Bacteria, enzymes, fungi, and yeasts. In this free webinar, we’ll show how you can put these biological powerhouses to work defending your crops.

Watch the webinar to see how microbes can protect your crops and get a look at some of our preliminary work on revolutionary enzymatic biocontrol technologies of the future.

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A drive toward integrated pest management 

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach that combines scientific study of pest and pathogen lifecycles and how they interact with the environment.

IPM combines a variety of solutions that work together to provide effective disease and pest control with the least possible harm to people, property, and the environment. 

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Common biocontrol challenges 

Devising an alternative to chemicals means not only finding new ways to fight diseases, but also ways to overcome the shortfalls of the chemicals themselves. 

Some of the more common challenges include: 

  • Developed resistance. Many pests and diseases develop resistances to chemical controls. 

  • Harm to pollinators. Pollinators and other beneficial insects are often adversely affected by chemicals.  

  • Changing regulations and attitudes. Consumer and regulatory pressures are affecting chemical use and pushing for alternatives. 

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Addressing the challenges with biotech

Biocontrol agents, including biofungicides, are a key component of any IPM, and offer many advantages.

Novozymes microbial biocontrol solutions provide robust protection against various soil and foliar diseases. The solutions consist of microbes, notably bacteria, that target disease and keep crops healthy.

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Novozymes biocontrol solutions

Novozymes’ family of OMRI-Listed biocontrol products provide an alternative to chemicals for protecting against the diseases that can damage your business.

Formulated for ease of use, safe for beneficial insects and pollinators, and without the risk of developed resistance over time, our biocontrol solutions are key element of your IPM strategy, delivering both healthier crops and a healthier planet.

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