Biosolutions for wheat & small grains

Harness the power of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and signaling molecules to maximize yields

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Using biosolutions to get more from your wheat & small grain crops

As a producer of wheat and small grains, you know the challenges of keeping up with rising demand.

Novozymes biosolutions help maximize yields and improve stress tolerance through improved mycorrhizal associations, increased photosynthetic capacity, and by releasing bound nutrients.

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Think biological

Biologicals are nature’s problem solvers. The answers to some of our biggest BioAg challenges can be found in the natural processes that surround us every day.

In our presentation, Biologicals Across the Ag Value Chain at the 2022 Commodity Classic, Novozymes experts examined how biologicals and enzymes play a vital role on the farm, in the factory, and in our food.

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Supplies are down…but demand is up*

According to a USDA report, wheat stocks in the U.S. for 2023-24 are projected to be down 7% from 2022-23, the lowest level since 2008, with total supplies down 3% from the previous year1.

At the same time, global wheat consumption is forecast at a record 789.5 million metric tons (MMT) in 2023-24, an increase of 2.9 MMT over the previous year. This represents a real opportunity for wheat and small grain producers.

*USDA Wheat Outlook: May 2023

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The roadblocks to higher yields

A number of significant challenges stand between you and a thriving wheat and small grains crop. They include:

  • Rainfall, too much or too little. Crops need enough water without sitting in a flood.

  • Nutrient availability can be limited, with much of the fertilizer applied not immediately accessible to the plant.

  • Disease and insect pressure that lead to plant stress.
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Help is all around us

Mother Nature might cause you and the crop stress, but can also provide solutions to enhance your crops’ natural potential.

Enzymes and microorganisms are living organisms that work with the plant and the surrounding environment.

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Novozymes BioAg solutions for wheat & small grains

Novozymes’ family of bioyield inoculants and signaling molecule solutions for wheat and small grains help you get the most from your acreage and your crop.

Our biosolutions are formulated to improve the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as improving the natural processes like photosynthesis. They also support early vigor by encouraging vigorous root growth and shoot development, and improving stress tolerance.

This results in stronger crops and improved yield potential that helps you boost output to keep up with demand.

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