Biosolutions for forages

Improve nutrient availability, enhance plant growth, and boost yields to get the most from your crop

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The biological way to get more from your forages

As a forage crop producer, you understand that you play a key role in supporting livestock production. That means a healthy, consistent crop is critical.

Seasonal challenges make achieving that goal difficult. Novozymes biosolutions sustainably promote faster, stronger growth for healthier forage crops and improved yield potential.

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How do we get more from one acre?

We can’t make more land, so we have to find ways to do more with the land we have. Regardless of the crops you grow, one of the keys to meeting production goals is to get best yield possible out of every acre.

Watch the video to see how Novozymes biosolutions help you produce more with less…and help the planet in the process.

Demand for forage crops is on the rise

According to projections, the global forage seed market could experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8% from 2023-2033*.

Consumer market trends are one of the many factors driving the shift. As a result, getting the highest possible yields from your forage crop has never been more critical.

*FMI Forage Market Seeds Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

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Meeting these demands is not without challenges

Consistent growth and yields are key to success with forage crops. But a variety of factors make this difficult, including:

  • Rainfall, too much or too little. Crops need enough water without sitting in a flood.
  • Nutrient availability can be limited, with much of the fertilizer applied not immediately accessible to the plant.
  • Disease and insect pressure that lead to plant stress.
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Help is all around us

Mother Nature might cause you and the crop stress, but it can also provide solutions to enhance your crops’ natural potential.

Enzymes and microorganisms are integral parts of the biological process that work with plants and the surrounding environment.

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Novozymes BioAg solutions for forages

Novozymes’ family of bioyield inoculants and signaling molecule solutions for forages help you get the most from your acreage and your crop. Our biosolutions are formulated to target the processes that are most important to crop health and yield.

They enhance availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as improving the natural processes like photosynthesis. And they support early vigor in forage crops by encouraging robust root growth and shoot development and improving stress tolerance. The result is healthier crops and improved yield potential to meet growing demand.

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