Biosolutions for corn

Improve nutrient availability, enhance plant growth, and boost yields to get the most from your corn crop

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Boost corn yields with biosolutions

As a corn producer, getting the most out of your land and your crop is crucial.

Every year conditions change, and crops face a unique set of challenges. Novozymes biosolutions help maximize your corn yields through mycorrhizal associations, increased photosynthetic capacity, and by releasing bound nutrients.


How do we get more from one acre?

Getting more out of your crops and out of every acre of land doesn’t just help solve your challenges as a corn producer—it plays a part in solving problems worldwide.

Watch the video to see how Novozymes biosolutions can help you and producers around the globe use the same land to produce more feed, food, and energy with less impact to the planet.

Corn demand remains strong...*

Driven by multiple market segments—including livestock feed, ethanol production, corn oil, and corn starch—as well as factors such as global supply chain disruptions, the demand for corn continues to rise.

In 2023-24, the USDA expects the U.S. corn supply to hit 16,707 million bushels, over 10% more than the previous year. As a result, corn producers in the U.S. alone are expected to plant about 4% more acreage this season. However, increasing production isn’t always about planting more corn.

It’s about finding ways to get more out of the corn you’re planting.

*USDA Economic Research Service Report


…but there are challenges to maximizing yield

A variety of factors change each season, making every year unique and achieving consistently high corn yields difficult, including:

  • Rainfall, too much or too little. Crops need enough water without sitting in a flood.

  • Nutrient availability can be limited, with much of the fertilizer applied not immediately accessible to the plant.

  • Disease and insect pressure that lead to plant stress.

Help is all around us

Mother Nature might cause you and the crop stress, but it can also provide solutions to enhance your crops’ natural potential.

Enzymes and microorganisms are integral parts of the biological process that work with plants and the surrounding environment.

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Novozymes BioAg solutions for corn

Novozymes’ family of bioyield inoculants and signaling molecule solutions help you get the most from your acreage and your corn. Our biosolutions are formulated to improve soil efficiency and boost phosphorus availability and uptake.

They improve your corn plants’ ability to access and harness nutrients in the soil by freeing bound nutrients and helping create stronger root structures. And they improve the stress tolerance of your crops across diverse geographies and climates.

All of this results in healthier crops—and improved yield potential. 


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