Biosolutions for cotton

Improve crop nutrition and maximize cotton yields


Using biosolutions to get more from your cotton crop

Cotton consumption is increasing, and getting the most out of your land and your crop is crucial. Every year, you are faced with a new set of challenges that hinder a healthy, productive crop.

Novozymes biosolutions sustainably support cotton growth and development, improving nutrient availability for better stress tolerance and more yield potential.

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Novozymes BioAg: driving performance

Agriculture today isn't just about doing more with less.

Watch the video to see how Novozymes uses nature’s own problem solvers—enzymes and microbes—to sustainably maximize crop fertility return on investment.

Cotton demand is exceeding supply

Global cotton projections for 2023-24 anticipate that consumption will slightly exceed production*. The ever-changing consumer market trends play a large role in demand for textiles.

For cotton producers, that means finding ways to get past the hurdles standing between you and getting the highest possible yield from your crop.

*USDA Cotton Outlook, February 23, 2023

BioAg Cotton

The challenges of achieving better yields

Cotton crop yield potential occurs prior to cutout and starts to decline at square shedding. Many factors affect cotton production, including:

  • Water stress
  • Prolonged cloudy weather
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • High temperatures
  • High plant populations
BioAg cotton

Answering cotton’s challenges with the power of nature

Mother Nature might cause you and your crops stress, but it can also provide solutions to enhance your crops’ natural potential.  

Enzymes and microorganisms are integral parts of the biological process that work with plants and the surrounding environment.

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Novozymes BioAg solutions for cotton

Novozymes’ family of bioyield inoculants for cotton help you get more out of every acre.

By supporting better plant development and making nutrients more available, they maximize the health of your crop—and your yield potential.


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