Innovate your beer with brewing enzymes

Today’s brewers know exogenous enzymes are essential to stay relevant, develop business and boost competitiveness. Enzymes can enable you to create great new tastes and valuable claims.

Reach new consumers. Premiumize your product. When Novozymes is your partner, you have expertise on tap.

Innovative draft beer made with enzymes

Taste success​

If you want to efficiently produce a variety of great-tasting, in-demand beer types, enzymes are for you. Novozymes brewing enzymes enables you to maintain quality at scale and launch valuable new products.

Perhaps you want to use new raw materials to create new flavors? Create low- or non-alcohol beverages that balance sweetness and acidity? Or differentiate your products with sustainability claims?

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Wide variaty of new innovative beer product
Low-alcohol beer

Low-alcohol beer

Use enzymes to avoid the formation of fermentable sugars and achieve the right balance between mouthfeel and sweetness.

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Sustainable beer

Sustainable beer

Use enzymes to leverage local raw materials for an even lower carbon footprint. Save water and energy too.

Specialty beer

Specialty beer

Use enzymes to create beers with new flavors by utilizing the full range of available raw materials – like caramel or roasted malt with limited enzyme activity.

Low-carb-light beer

Low-carb/light beer

Use enzymes to make beers that resonate with consumers looking for healthier alternatives.

Very low-no-carb-ultra-light beer

Very low/no-carb/ultra-light beer

Use enzymes to greatly limit the amount of carbohydrates and attract consumers looking for even healthier alternatives.

Opportunities High-alcohol-strong beer

High-alcohol/strong beer

Use enzymes to create more fermentable sugars and consistently great taste.

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Opportunities Gluten-free beer

Gluten-free beer​

Use enzymes to make a gluten-free or gluten-reduced beer, without compromising taste, and reach impacted consumers.

Taste quality

Consumers judge your beer one serving at a time. And it must always taste the same. We can help you ensure consistent, targeted results and avoid off flavors.

Using Novozymes solutions never adversely affects your product quality. We have systems in place to ensure we meet global standards across our global production units. And our ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certificates are proof of our dedication to delivering high-quality products.

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Capitalize on consumers’ changing tastes

While consumer preferences and trends can change, great taste and quality never go out of style.

Say, for example, that you want to create a new light (low-carb) beer simply and cost-effectively. You’ll need to increase the degree of attenuation of the wort, of course. Because a highly attenuated beer decreases the proportion of non-fermentable and short-chain dextrin material, you’ll significantly slash calories compared to “normal” beer (assuming the same alcohol content in both beers).

Attenuation enzymes can help you get a predictable, targeted result – even when raw material quality varies. Whatever type of product you want to create, we’ll help you pinpoint the best enzyme for the job, the right temperatures, pH, time and more.​

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How your products can benefit from enzymes

Save money on highly attenuated beer production 

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Maintain consistent fermentability, regardless of varying raw material quality 

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Produce super-attenuated malt base for flavored alcoholic beverage production

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Increase the attenuation limit by 4-5%, enabling less raw material consumption 

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Increase your real degree of fermentation (RDF) 

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Optimize your process by shortening the mash-tun occupation

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Achieve the greatest impact with nature’s enzymes and meet your sustainability goals

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Innovation doesn’t have to be expensive

Does the thought of using “novel” raw materials intrigue you or offend you? Either way, it’s worth knowing that taste always comes first when you work with Novozymes. You should also be aware that you might even be able to save money by using local and regional raw materials. Make your brand more valuable, too. Even help your local community and the planet!

After all, it’s not getting any easier these days to get dependable, affordable, quality raw materials. Transportation issues and delays are all too common. And with climate change and risks ranging from local conflicts to global pandemics, your challenges are likely to get worse before they get better.

More and more brewers around the world are using local crops to make beers – with the help of enzymes. In fact, you could say it’s the most “authentic” type of beer of all,

Consider alternative crops in your local beer production ​

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What could this mean for your business?

Do you want to explore how to optimize raw materials with a Novozymes expert?

See how we’ve helped other brewers

Brewmaster checking his beer innovation

Zero-carb beer is the market’s first

A regional and international brewer wanted to launch an exciting new product: a zero-carb beer. 

Business people enjoying new innovative beer product

Entering a profitable new market

An international brewer wanted to enhance profitability and enter a new market.

Best-in-class solutions for your new beer innovations

Enzymes can enable you to create great new tastes and valuable claims. Find the right solution for your next innovation.


Service. Support. Security.

These are some of the services you can tap into when you choose to partner with Novozymes:

  • Market insights, including regulatory trends, qualitative studies, flavor insights, consumer surveys and life cycle assessments
  • Product design and improvement, including beer and raw material analysis, as well as advice from our brewmasters and R&D experts to ensure the most profitable route to your high-quality beer
  • Process development and optimization, including designing impactful trials and right-first-time processes
  • Training, including how to select the right enzymes and get the most out of them
  • Support services, including digital support tools

Together we can unlock opportunities that secure the future of your brewing business.

Interested in thinking outside of the bottle?

If you’re toying with the idea of developing a new beer and want to explore your options, please reach out. We’re eager to share our insights and listen to your needs. No strings attached, of course.

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Latest insights​

Barley drought

Bad weather doesn’t have to mean bad business

You can’t control the weather or its impact on harvest quality. But you can count on us to help you continue to produce the same great beer your customers love. See which products can help.

You can boost the extract yield of your recipe to save on raw materials with our best-in-class enzyme solutions. You can keep your process consistent and your beer great – even while adapting to supply fluctuations. Perhaps you want to develop new recipes with adjuncts?

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Cheers to local crops

Imagine brewing a beer that uses local raw materials – and makes you less dependent on expensive, unpredictable imports. Not only does it help you stand out; you support the local economy, avoid transport costs and boost your sustainability profile.

See why using local raw materials has never been more attractive – or needed.

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Optimize your brewing process with enzymes

As natural catalysts, enzymes can help you speed up and optimize a variety of key steps in your brewing process.

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Increase sustainability

Novozymes takes a scientific approach that help you meet both your sustainability goals and your financial ones

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Sustainable brewing starts with enzymes

Together we can unlock opportunities that secure the future of your brewing business.