Sustainable brewing starts with enzymes

Want to advance your business? Sustainably? You need enzymes. Whether you’re looking to optimize your processes, innovate your products or reduce your environmental footprint, we help you make a measurable impact. Together.

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How can we help you?

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Optimize your process

Enzymes are natural catalysts that can make your processes simpler, faster and more efficient. You can ensure great taste, consistent quality and maximum yield using a variety of raw materials – at the lowest possible operational costs.

Wide variaty of new innovative beer products

Innovate your product

Innovative brewers are using enzymes to break through traditional beer boundaries. You can create new tastes and valuable claims. Premiumize your brand. And use cost-effective local raw materials without sacrificing quality.

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Increase sustainability

Enzymes come from nature – and enable you to decrease CO2 emissions, save water and save energy. You can also benefit from new, more sustainable growth opportunities. That makes for a healthier planet and healthier business.

Looking for more solutions?

Novozymes and Chr. Hansen have joined forces to create Novonesis. This means that we can now offer you even more solutions within brewing.

Nature is the source of your business and ours

Together we can unlock opportunities that secure the future of your brewing business.

Explore our solutions

Which solution best meets your needs? Use our product finder to pinpoint the solution to your challenges. Applications include cereal cooking, separation and filtration, attenuation and more.


You can depend on us to deliver

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With production facilities on four continents, warehouses all over the world and a flexible, robust distribution network, Novozymes delivers on specification, on time – even in times of crisis. A commitment to serving our customers at every link in the value chain is part of our DNA. And we always work hand in hand with you to meet your needs.

See how we’ve helped other brewers

State-of-the-art brewing saves time, money and increases capacity and sustainability

Find out how we helped our customer optimize their process and improve sustainability

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New recipe for existing product reaps big benefits

Find out how we helped our customer increase sustainability and innovate their product

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3 X lower dosing rate cuts costs and boosts sustainability

Discover how we helped our customer increase sustainability

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Zero-carb beer is
the market’s first

Discover how we helped our customer develop new brewing products

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Entering a profitable
new market

Discover how we helped our customer develop new brewing products

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Existing setup yields more brewing capacity and
saves energy

Find out how we helped our customer in Asia-Pacific optimize their process

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Enzymes help overcome equipment limitation

Find out how we helped our customer in Europe optimize their process

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Filtration benefits far exceed enzyme cost

Find out how we helped our customer in Americas optimize their process

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Expand your market
– and profit!

Enzymes give you the freedom to find new ways to serve the growing number of demanding consumers looking for new experiences. You can premiumize your offerings, leverage your brand presence in the market and continue penetrating new niche and emerging markets.

Not only does that benefit you – it’s also good for local farming communities, consumers and the planet.


Where you need us,
when you need us

When you work with Novozymes, there’s always someone close by to help you implement and optimize our solutions to fit your needs, conditions and raw materials. You’ll benefit from our large Technical Services centers in China, Denmark, India, Malaysia and the U.S. A variety of online service tools further ensure you’ve got what you need, when you need it.

Our service-minded team of brewmasters, scientists and commercial experts looks forward to advancing your business together.

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