Optimize your brewing process with enzymes

As natural catalysts, enzymes can help you speed up and optimize a variety of key steps in your brewing process.

Choose from the seven applications below for details on how your business can benefit from Novozymes brewing enzymes.

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Where your business can benefit

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Cereal cooking

Your liquefaction process is shorter, simpler and more consistent with our thermostable brewing enzymes. You get consistently better results than with malt enzymes – and it’s cost-effective.

Brewing separation and filtration

Separation & filtration

Consistent, efficient and fast wort separation and beer filtration with our brewing enzymes helps you maximize brews per day and optimize yields and filtration cycles.

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Manage attenuation fluctuations cost-effectively. Or tweak the RDF to get more out of your raw materials. Our brewing enzymes make it possible.

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Raw material optimization

Brew more efficiently with raw materials that vary in quality or are non-traditional. Our brewing enzymes ensure better solubilization during mashing and higher amounts of fermentable sugars during fermentation. You could even consider infusion mashing.

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Get optimal fermentation without compromising on beer foam stability by using our brewing enzymes to ensure Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN).

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Diacetyl control

Reduce your cellar costs and maturation times by controlling formation of diacetyl. If you’re tight on fermentation capacity, you can also produce more beer with your existing setup by using our brewing enzymes.


Colloidal stability​

Get fast and reliable removal of haze formation in beers while maintaining long-term shelf stability with our brewing enzymes.​

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Explore our solutions

Which solution best meets your needs? Use our product finder to pinpoint the solution to your challenges. Applications include cereal cooking, separation and filtration, attenuation and more.


See how we’ve helped other brewers

Turning a ban into a boon


Enzymes enable high FAN recipe to use low FAN malt

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Enzymes help overcome equipment limitation

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Updated filtering approach gives better yield, productivity, and performance

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Existing setup yields more brewing capacity and
saves energy

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More CapEx or more
optimal process?

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Filtration benefits far
exceed enzyme cost

Brewing separation and filtration

Overcoming raw material quality variations

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Service. Support. Security.

These are some of the services you can tap into when you choose to partner with Novozymes:

  • Market insights, including regulatory trends, qualitative studies, flavor insights, consumer surveys and life cycle assessments
  • Product design and improvement, including beer and raw material analysis, as well as advice from our brewmasters and R&D experts to ensure the most profitable route to your high-quality beer
  • Process development and optimization, including designing impactful trials and right-first-time processes
  • Training, including how to select the right enzymes and get the most out of them
  • Support services, including digital support tools

Together we can unlock opportunities that secure the future of your brewing business.

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Innovative draft beer made with enzymes

Innovate your beer with brewing enzymes

Reach new consumers. Premiumize your product. When Novozymes is your partner, you have expertise on tap.

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Increase sustainability

Novozymes takes a scientific approach that help you meet both your sustainability goals and your financial ones

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Sustainable brewing starts with enzymes

Together we can unlock opportunities that secure the future of your brewing business.