Enzymes in juice, fruit & vegetable processing

Enzymes improve juice yield, clarity, stability and color.

They also help you optimize your process efficiency and capacity. Our enzymes are suitable for apple, pears, stone fruit, grape and berry processing. We also have solutions for fruit and vegetable processing and olive oil production. And we can help you reduce acrylamide in potato-based convenience and snack foods and coffee.

Juice, fruit and vegetables

Better products, better business

Whether you’re processing fruit or vegetables, enzymes are essential for high-quality, healthier end products. They also support process economies that will help your business thrive.

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Organic labelling

Today’s consumers are becoming more conscious of their health, and of sustainability. As organic products are considered healthier and more sustainable, consumers are increasingly opting for organic food alternatives – and juices are no exception.

Read about our range of enzymes that support the processing of organic juices.

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Meeting your processing needs

Our enzymes for apple and pear juice production work in mashing and clarification. For berry and grape juice production we have enzymes to improve your mash and juice treatment processes. In tropical and citrus fruit production our enzymes are effective in mashing, clarification and oil extraction. In olive oil production and vegetable processing our enzymes improve viscosity reduction, tissue maceration and color extraction and deliver a range of other benefits. Our enzymes for processing of frozen and canned fruit maintain fruit firmness, integrity and rheological properties. In other fruit processing applications, our enzymes break down fruit to help you get the most from your raw materials. They can also help you cut acrylamide levels in coffee and a wide selection of potato-based processed foods including processed french fries.

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