Enzymes in oils & fats

Expect more in oils & fats processing

Break through the status quo to transform challenges into growth opportunities. You have the opportunity to minimize the use of chemicals in processing, to switch to low-cost feedstock, and to squeeze even more oil.

It’s time for you to expect more.

Oil and fats

Its time to expect more

Optimize your process

Unlock the full potential of your plant through milder and simple treatment. 

Discover new ways to grow

Adapt your business and get the flexibility to convert your by-products into valuable end-products - today and tomorrow. 

Stay ahead of the game

Gain continuous operational support from a trusted advisor who can combine research with insights from global projects. 

Stay ahead of the game

In an industry driven by fine margins and growing demands, we believe you shouldn’t settle for just good enough solutions. That’s why, we bring to you market insights, operational support and technical knowledge. All aimed at helping you differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market.

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Discover new ways to grow

Every plant is different, with different goals and operating conditions. That’s why we offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of solutions. As the world leader in biological solutions, we draw on experience across a range of industries to bring you the most effective products on the market. With our diverse product portfolio and process technology solutions, developed with leading engineering partners, we support your growth ambitions to diversify and seize new opportunities.

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Novozymes full oils and fats portfolio

Trusted by 100+ oils & fats processing plants around the world

Our products are based on our regional teams’ insights into plants’ challenges. So wherever you are     - in the world and in the oils and fats value chain – we can help make your business better.

Novozymes global presence in plants across the oils and fats value chain

See how an oil processor unlocked full potential of their plant

Stay on top of trends in oils & fats

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